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    Women in Real Estate

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    • Riley ST (STREET)
    • SURRY HILLS 2010
    • Queensland
    • Australia

    Welcome to the Women in Real Estate group. This is a closed discussion group for female investors & women working in the real estate & property industries.

    It's FREE to join, but membership is by approval only.

    'Women in Real Estate' aims to be the best online destination for women to share, learn, network and generally let off steam - in private. You should join if you want to:

    • Share stories & tips for success
    • Learn and grow from others
    • Provide support & interaction to other women in property
    • Network & find business opportunities
    • Have fun & share a laugh
    • Encourage, mentor & educate young people new to the industry

    The privacy settings on this page are set high so that although any one can see the page exists, ONLY members can see the content and contribute by way of comments, photos, videos, polls, and documents.

    The group rules are:

    • Postive ideas and comment - welcome
    • 'War stories' - welcome
    • Robust discussion - welcome
    • No listings
    • No spam
    • No abuse
    • Promotion - by prior consent only with page owners 

    Thanks! We hope you enjoy the group and look forward to your contribution.

    Regards, Jane, Claudine & Lisa.