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We specialize in Solar Gate Openers that offer you the perfect solution for every driveway and comes with a range of accessories.
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New South Wales
Latest solution for the safety of your property and not only
One thing is for sure, that you enjoy the privacy that your private property is giving you and you want to maintain this luxury by protecting it, and everything that is inside, with an access controlled gate. There is nothing wrong in that, but getting electricity to the place where you want to put the gate can sometimes be quite difficult and cost too much. Now you have the opportunity of installing solar gates, that only require renewable energy from the sun, thus there are cost effective and eco-friendly.
The fact that no one, except your family members, can have access to your property in really assuring and you feel the need to worry less. Due to the electric gate opener intruders are kept out and children or your pets and kept within the property, so you can sit back and relax while they play in safety and not risk being exposed to the outside traffic or dangers. You have the possibility of choosing different types of access controls for the solar gate opener. There are remote controls, wireless keypads for a code that is only knew by you, or finger print access control that will recognize only the prints of you and your family member. All of these access controls for the gate opener will offer you full control over the gate and it is your choice whom to allow to get in or not. Not to mention the times when you leave in a holiday, you can relax knowing that your gate remains close and no one without the access code can pass through.
There isn’t any reason why you shouldn’t opt for these electric gates. The solar gate opener that operates the system of the gates is very economical and can be easily installed in whatever area you decide to put your gates. It does not require any wiring, thus you have full mobility and the choice of placement for the gates is entirely yours. The system is very easy to be set up, so if you like things that you can do it on your own, and then this is a task that suits you. The last and more important argument is that all of your loved ones will be in safety, this including your pets that won’t stray anymore. You can enjoy, day and night, the privacy of your home and yard, forgetting about the worries that any unwanted guest may appear without your knowledge.

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