Super Granny Flats Perth WA

John Linkon

Super Granny Flats Perth is a well-known and triggered designer of granny flats all across Western Australia that is completely involved in providing its clients with incredible top quality items simply designed in compliance to Sydney Requirements and BCA policies. The creative group of Extremely Gran Apartments put into practice some tight qc measures with an objective to guarantee their clients for providing greater stage of consistency and reliability in their work.

Super Granny Flats has built up an award-winning popularity in home building market through offering its clients best top quality solutions on which they can completely satisfy. Our items have already passed through some well-organized production procedures with extreme qc stage and group commitment.

There are numerous features associate with granny flat designs:

 - Available with a variety of options

 - Meeting Shire supplies

 - Separate from real house

 - Available with Free-Standing unit

 - Designed in accordance to existing aesthetics

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