6 of the Best Kitchen Updates that Add Market Value to Your Home

Jayde Ferguson

There is nothing like owning your home. It is your own personal space, the hub of family life, and in many aspects, it reflects your personality through the interior décor that you choose. When considering updating a part of your home, it is important to not only consider your own aesthetic preferences and how much the given area requires the remodel, but you also want to think about how it will affect your home's overall value. One increasingly popular home update is the kitchen. Below you'll find out which updates are totally worth doing and what financial benefit you'll derive.

The Financial Benefit

First and foremost, you are probably wondering exactly how much of your investment will syphon back to your home's overall value. According to real estate website Zillow, doing minor kitchen remodelling and improvements can recoup you 98.2% of your total investment. So, if you invest $15,000 in kitchen updates, you can expect nearly that entire investment added to the value of your home. This financial benefit especially will pay off if you decide to resell your home. In addition, finances aside, you'll be able to attract far more homebuyers with a nice looking kitchen than one that is outdated.

1. Countertops

While owning vinyl countertops from the '70's can be flattering, it isn't always a good idea to keep such a relic from the past in your kitchen. If you are looking for a refreshing new kitchen update that pays back well, then installing new granite and tile countertops will do the trick. When purchasing a new countertop, it is always best to consider a number of factors, such as price, strength, durability, and appearance.

2. Lighting

Looking for something really quick and easy? Just add a few new light fixtures. Light fixtures not only revamp a kitchen, but they also can completely change the lighting for the better. Some of the most popular lightening options are lighting over kitchen islands of bars. This really can add a fantastic touch to the space.

3. Cabinets

Alright, so you've changed the lighting, added new countertops, and you're left with a part of your kitchen that does not transition well with the new moves you've made. One of the most worthy investments that can add a great deal of beauty to your kitchen and increase your home's market value is to update kitchen cabinets. To save you money while also ensuring that you receive a good return through added market value, you should consider a financially savvy option, and that is to have your kitchen cabinets repainted rather than replaced. A professional company can repaint your cabinets so it looks as if you actually did replace kitchen cabinet doors. In addition to saving you money, a professional service that paints your kitchen cabinets will be able to make them look just like new. Not only are you saving money by not needing to replace kitchen cabinet doors, but you are also preserving the original style of the kitchen cabinets, which is something that is very desirable that increases a home's value.

4. Sink

Over time, a kitchen sink can become scratched, dull, and very unappealing to look at. This reduces the overall value of the kitchen. Therefore, one simple update you can make is to replace your kitchen sink. You do not need to install something overly expensive or fancy, just one that corresponds well with the overall style of the kitchen and will be able to withstand use, meaning that you'll want a sink that is very durable and holds up well overtime.

5. Backsplash

Apart from protecting your walls as you cook, your kitchen backsplash also adds a strong aesthetic appeal to your kitchen. The beauty of updating your backsplash is that you can essentially choose from many designs, colours, textiles, and patterns. It's completely up to you. If you are really looking to give your kitchen a splash of color, then pick a color that really deviates from the main colours of your kitchen. This will increase you kitchen's appeal and up the market value of the home.

6. Windows

Lastly, the final easy kitchen update that can increase the value of your home is to re-seal your windows, replace the glass, or add moulding. This kitchen update can provide your kitchen with an entirely new image. In many cases, it is also a simple update to make that does not take a lot of work or money. In nearly all cases, updating your kitchen windows will increase your home's market value.

Overall, the above updates are very easy to make. From updating your windows to hiring a professional that can beautifully paint your kitchen cabinets without needing to replace kitchen cabinet doors, you are bound to see a strong return on your investment. Don't wait; beautify your kitchen while adding value to your personal space.

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