10 Awesome Backyard Makeover Inspirations

Jayde Ferguson

If your outdoor space is lacking a little love, a backyard makeover can be the best way to boost the look and feel of your home. Whether you’re an entertaining enthusiast or after some serious relaxation, sprucing up your outdoor living can be easy and cost effective – you just need to have a good design in mind and the magic of creativity.

The first step to transforming your backyard is defining your space. It doesn’t matter how big or small your area is, or how luxurious or simple it may be. Deciding what you need – dining and entertaining area, play space or lounging area – then clearly defining them will make a huge visual impact on your backyard. Combined with adding a few features and simple touches, your backyard can be transformed into a cosy, comfortable and convenient setting for you, your family and friends to enjoy. Here are a few starter ideas to get those creative juices flowing.

1. Establish Traffic Patterns

Good outdoor design requires adequate planning and the right amount of patience and skill. For a backyard layout to really work, you’ll need to establish traffic patterns to direct people from one side of the outdoor space to the other. This will also help to keep people from ‘running into each other’. It’s important you don’t just measure for furniture when mapping this out, but also take into consideration access around all fixtures so people can move freely.

It doesn’t matter the size of your outdoor area, the space will flow much better once these traffic routes are established. You can use formal walkways or trees and shrubs to create borders, corners and boundaries.

2. Create a Sense of Intimacy and Enclosure

Once you have all your desired spaces define, you will need to think closely about how they’ll all work with each other. A sense of enclosure is used to help define these spaces and consequently, an intimate setting is created. This vibe will really go hand in hand with the relaxed setting an outdoor garden should offer.

To separate these spaces, you can use a wall of green for the ultimate, most natural atmosphere. Tall plants will give your area the enclosure it needs. Look for fast growing plants like bamboo or lilly pilly.


3. Colours and Textures

Paint is one of the best, easiest and cost effective ways to completely transform an outdoor area into something more vibrant. It’s effective in completely refreshing a space and can even introduce a new mood to your home. Neutral shades like beige, light grey or taupe can complement the garden and landscape features, and leave you with plenty of room to accessorise with more playful colours to brighten up the space.

Outdoor fabrics, subtle stripes and summer patterns can add texture to your backyard. Combining simple amounts of this, along with the right colours can boost the dimension of your outdoor space.

4. Draw People Into Your Space

For an outdoor space to feel truly comfortable, it needs to be inviting – to both you and your guests. A backyard that is successfully designed will always have a destination, a reason to draw people in. This will reflect your lifestyle and needs for the area, whether that’s to create a space that’s suitable for entertaining or relaxing in.

This can be as simple as rearranging existing furniture to establish something more cosy, or creating an alfresco dining area to promote entertaining. Consider your lifestyle and what pieces or design elements you can implement to have your backyard reflect this.

5. Design Focal Points with Water and Fire

Adding fire and water to your outdoor space not only encourages luxury and relaxation, but it works wonders as a striking focal point. For a dramatic flair and a convenient setting of warmth, a fire pit table is the perfect addition for any space. Designed to be able to move around, fire pit tables are a flexible piece that can be used regardless of the weather. In winter, use it for marshmallow toasting and a warm gathering point for guests whilst in summer, it can be used as a drink and nibbles table for entertaining.

Creating a focal point with water elements give you the opportunity to connect with your surroundings and indulge all senses. If space permits, build a small pond with a waterfall for the sound of water. If you have young children, restrict access to the pond with a hand built stonewall or fenced off area. For smaller spaces, a water feature will offer an ideal addition.

6. Relax and Retreat

For many of us, the primary purpose of an outdoor area is to sit back and relax. Many homeowners strive to create their own personal oasis – a space where entertaining is encouraged and sanctuary is essential. Find what makes you tick and incorporate it in. This can be something as simple as a day-lounge bed, or as luxurious as an outdoor kitchen space and the ultimate dining setting.

7. Recycle or Re-Use

Re-using materials can be a cost-effective way to spark interest or create character in your outdoor space. Keep an eye out in your neighborhood for anything you can use or revamp existing materials around your home.  For example, turn an old chair into a swing or get inspired with over a hundred different things you can make with recycled pallets. This is another great source for re-using pallets around the home and in your outdoor space too.

8. Mulch, Mulch Mulch

Mulch, the carpet of your backyard, is the perfect ways to give your outdoor area an integrated look that’s clean and complete. Coloured mulch on flowerbeds or exposed soil can enhance the area and give your garden the nutrients it needs to look healthy and lush.

Whilst a significant amount of mulch is essential for the survival of your landscape, it adds an appeal like no other. With a day set aside of weeding the garden beds and adding mulch, your outdoor space can look almost new. 

9. Think Vertically

Adding height and structure to your backyard is an ideal way to create movement and dynamism. For spaces that feature a large flat lawn, adding boulders throughout the area and this vertical dimension will change the way the space is perceived.

Height levels should be thought about in relation to the human body. This affects the way they are viewed and experienced, you don’t want to block too many views.  Creating a contrast of different height levels will add a nice variety to the space. If you’re adding boulders around the lawn area, make sure you include space around them for planning colourful shrubs. This will bring out the dimension even more.

10. Decorations are Key

Once the outer-design shell of your space is complete, it’s time for some decorating fun. This can be a relatively cheap and easy way to finish the look. Try introducing new ornaments that fit with your space, such as pot plants or interesting sculptures.

Outdoor furniture can be updated, or a simple re-cover of the cushion fabrics can be ideal. If you don’t have the funds to update all your furniture, considering painting for a fresh new look. The way you style your outdoor space should be a reflection of your lifestyle and the key to what you love. Consider the accessories you’ve used inside too – this will help strengthen the connection between the inside of your home and your new outdoor space. 


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