Escape to the Exotic - 5 Ideas to Turn Your Home into a Tropical Oasis

Jayde Ferguson

There’s a reason why people travel half way across the world to find a little slice of heaven. From pristine beaches to lush rainforests, and rich colours and flavours from the sea to the jungle, it’s no surprise where the tropical attraction lies.

The good news is though; you can escape to the exotic in the comfort of your own home. And it’s easier than you think!

Turning your home into a tropical oasis simply means bringing a touch of its magic to you. With a style that is casual, infused with natural materials, tropical plants and the warm appeal of wood, that Caribbean charm is only a few steps away.

1. Incorporate Tropical Colours

The vibrant colours of the sea, sky, sand and jungle are the main palette choices for that tropical feel and work perfectly with the renowned wood elements. Fresh water blues, bright sunny yellows, pinks, corals and lavish greens can make your home feel warmer and more inviting.

If you really want to feel like you’ve stepped off the plane in the Caribbean, don’t be shy of patterns. Match solid colours with bold patterns, or take a simplified approach and pair neutral colours with pattern accessories like a rug or pillows. Have fun mixing and matching by being as adventurous as you dare. The wonderful thing about the tropics is you can be eclectic in the most formal or casual way.

2. Create a Dark Wood Work Retreat  

Features loaded with natural materials and wood work elements are inspired by the tropical style. These exotic materials mix with the Caribbean charm to create that magical vibe and oriental flare. Incorporate these resources that originate in the tropics, like rattan, sea grass, teak and bamboo.

Carpets are defiantly a no-no for a tropical interior design scheme so consider ripping it up and opting for that warm appeal of hard wood flooring. If this is out of the price range, slate and ceramic tiles can work wonderfully too.  Natural floor coverings like bamboo will certainly add to that tropical feel and can be dressed up with a simple, bright rug.

Encourage a space for outdoor living and entertaining around the back of your home with a well-planned timber deck that’ll complement the lush greenery too. Homes on bigger blocks of land are perfect for this and can give you the opportunity to incorporate the perfect outdoor wood retreat.

3. The Power of Scent

To evoke your desired tropical vacation, you can use the power of scent to help transform your home. Use scented candles, diffusers, oil burners and fragrant flowers or plants to transform you to that exotic space in a single whiff. Orange, lemon and floral scents are renowned for that succulent tropical atmosphere and will leave you feeling refreshed – just like a holiday! Combine with a touch of vanilla and some woody fragrances like cedar and pine.

Decorate your kitchen and dining area with tropical fruits. Not only will this add a burst of colour and delicious smell, but it’ll encourage an island festivity to your space. Invest in a couple of large wooden fruit bowls and load with a few mangoes and a whole pineapple. Line your window sill with a chain of exotic silk flowers to complement.

4. Choose the Right Furniture

Both the inside and outside furniture for you home should reflect the tropical look and feel. Again, opt for natural materials like rattan and bamboo. When choosing your outdoor furniture, make sure you purchase something that is weather-resistant. Cane, wood and bamboo outdoor furniture should be high-quality and require little to no maintenance. Because cane is made from the stems of the rattan plant, it offers a long lasting material idea for indoor and outdoor furniture and adds to that ‘island home’ appearance. 

Inside, upholstered pieces can be covered in fabrics like brightly patterned threads or white cotton slipovers. Again bamboo, teak and rattan are particularly good because of its sturdiness and neutral colours. The use of simple wooden furniture will continue those natural warm tones throughout the home. Nonaligned background colours on the walls and furniture will create a relaxing feel for the inside of your home. Dress your windows up with simple treatments like sheers or bamboo shades to keep the style consistent. 


5. Accessorise with Lions and Lighting

The easiest additions you can add to your home are a few tropical accessories. Your primary aim for a tropical-inspire room should be to include a lot of plants in neutral tone pots. This lush green foliage will help you get the most authentic look. The use of dramatic lighting behind your plants can help to create a striking focal point and a vivid display of shadows for evening entertaining.

Pictures and statues of animals can be perfect to add to the ambiance too. Choose from lions, tigers, tropical birds and butterflies and ethnic-style wood carvings to match. To add a vibrant display of colour to the space, consider animal print fabrics, cushions and throws. Think tropical, think jungle; think Caribbean charm and you’ll be able to create your own exotic escape.

Author Bio
This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Byford, part of Cedar Woods – award winning properties and blocks of land that can be the perfect platform for your tropical home. 

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