7 Luxurious Patio Designs to Get Your Creative Juices Flowing

Jayde Ferguson

When it comes to your home, the patio is an essential part that defines how you enjoy outdoor living. It’s the pinnacle of summer entertainment - a popular renovation project combined with BBQ’s, poolside activities, socialising and relaxing.

Creating your own private retreat is a priority for many homeowners. A place where you can escape from the daily hustle, wind down and enjoy time with family and friends. For it to be perfect though, your outdoor space needs to be accommodating and tasteful – we look at some luxurious patio designs to inspire your next project.

1. A Touch of Colour

Fresh colours add a touch of fun to your outdoor space and it’s one of the most easiest and budget friendly ideas for your home. Colourful accents can be incorporated anywhere from a new lick of paint right through to cushions and a furniture update. 

If you’re moving into a new home, a patio paint-job can make a huge difference to the space and complement your choice of outdoor furniture. If you’ve just brought new furniture or accessories, you can match the paint to suit the style or choosing the paint first can give you a good idea on what to buy and the types of outdoor furniture that would enhance the space.

2. Add Fire and Water

The entire theme of a decked out patio can be changed drastically when a little fire and water is added. If the space doesn’t permit a pool, a hot tub can be a luxurious way to spice up the area and act as an attention grabbing focal point. Modern patio Jacuzzi designs are beginning to inspire homeowners for many reasons – the soothing element of water collective with a mood setting experience ready to be used in all seasons.

If you have a love for alfresco entertaining, a fire table can ensure the perfect outdoor setup. Working beautifully with the hot tub idea, fire pit tables allow you to enjoy outdoor living in the cooler months in an open decked out area that is cosy, warm and inviting. They fit into almost any landscape design with a variety of natural materials and are portable so can be easily moved around. Regardless of whether you have a sheltered courtyard or patio set up, fire pit tables can be put anywhere you want to create a gathering spot.

3. Outdoor Entertaining

Transforming your patio tends to mean there’s a future plan for eating, drinking and lounging around so you want to the space to be convenient and reflective of this. Formal without the fuss is what most homeowners are after so consider how many people you’d want to be entertaining for and how this can fit with the current design. 

Perhaps you’re fine with cooking and preparing food inside to bring out, or a BBQ and a long table and chairs outside can be enough.  For those that want a little extra, an alfresco outdoor kitchen can really transform the area. With the kitchen being the heart of the home, bringing your indoor living outside where the action is can be the perfect home improvement project.

If you’re happy with using the indoor kitchen and using the outdoor space simply for entertaining, a great addition can be to build a bar. This is ideal for the corner of your patio or along the side of the deck, completed with some funky bar stools and a built-in cooler to store drinks. If you want to take it a step further, creating your very own Tiki Bar can really add that ‘wow’ factor.     


4. Soften the Edges

Even if it’s well designed, a patio can often feel like it’s been splashed into the yard. A good way to combine nature with your outdoor setting and avoid that jarring feel is to soften the edges with shrubs or a flowering border. If you’re a plant lover, this can create the perfect addition to your landscape and enable you to enjoy your greenery and flower colours up close and personal.  If you want to create more privacy for the area, consider using taller plants to shield prying eyes.  

5. Illuminate the Mood

Lighting has the power to really enhance an outdoor space by illuminating the mood and creating a little drama. Not only does is adequate lighting essential for safety purposes, but good landscape and deck lighting can accent the assets of your outdoor space and take it to a whole new level.

As a general rule of thumb, lighting around the outside of the home that points upward generates a more dramatic feel to the structure, whilst downward lighting creates a cosier, softer glow. If you have a pool area, make sure it is well lit for you and your guests.

6. Create Privacy

Privacy is essential in helping to build your own private retreat. Even if you’re living arrangement involves being a good distance from prying neighbours, it can be nice to feel like you’re tucked away in your own world.

Plants can be a beautiful way to do this either with a lattice privacy screen, or planting tall ones around the area. Vines and flowers climbing up lattice walls give a luxurious sense of seclusion without having to include an overhead structure.

For privacy and shade, shelter the patio with a pergola to shield unsightly buildings or neighbours. This is ideal for providing privacy and shade, without having a closed-in look and feel to it. Colourful draperies of sturdy outdoor fabrics can also be hung to protect the patio and your space and can make a fantastic, multi-purpose accessory.

7. Island Style

A fun way to dress up your outdoor space is by finding a theme that suits your lifestyle, and incorporating it in. If your taste is ever changing, you can make a corner of the patio explode with seasonal appeal or whatever tickles your fancy at the time.

Create an island style corner by setting up a red bistro table, surrounded by bright green or yellow chairs and a graphic piece of art on the wall to tie it all in. A tropical punch theme can be great for summer fun too, with bold pick-me-up cushions in vibrant colours (bright blues or fuchsia) and cue with colourful accents like cushions with modern prints or eye-popping stripes.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson who writes for Drovers Garden and Lifestyle Centre, one of Australia’s biggest garden, lifestyle and outdoor furniture centres.