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    Home of the "No Sale = No Charge" guarantee and the "Flat-Fee" Property Management fees.

    Locally owned and operated real estate business specialising in sales and property management in the Townsville area.

    Page & Pearce are wholly owned and operated by Todd Pearce and Greg Page.

    Their relationship began in the early 90’s soon after Greg set a new course in real estate. Greg still says that “Attending the Jenman seminar in 1993 changed everything”. Greg was looking for a better way…something other than the awful culture of greed existing in many offices that made gave agents a bad name, and made it miserable work for many.

    The Jenman System required ethics in real estate not only be talked about, but delivered. “Installing the Jenman System has consumed my professional life for almost 20 years! I mustn’t be very smart, because it’s taken us this long!” Greg says.

    It wasn’t until 2004, when Todd and Greg started their own agency… Page & Pearce …until the Jenman System started to work.

    “Even now, there’s still so much to do!” they say.

    Innovations such as No Sale No Charge and the Sellers Protection Guarantee , and Flat Fee property management are examples. Rare auctions is another (in fact, the last private house that Greg auctioned was his own in 1995). That’s rare!.

    Paying sales people a decent salary (with bonuses) rather than “commission only” was another first. Greg said that “If Mother Teresa was a commission only sales person, worried about paying the family rent, she wouldn’t be able to resist the temptation to look after the family before her seller/client”. A decent salary creates the right environment for sales people to say no to low offers from buyers.
    A big deal indeed!

    Page & Pearce rank in the national top 3 of Pittard Agents (Pittard started when Neil Jenman semi-retired from active mentoring), with most of the Page & Pearce reps being recognized as Australia’s best.

    Another foundation of the business is “the system runs the business, and people run the system”. This mantra has helped the property management department prosper, with 95% plus approval ratings from many long standing investor clients.

    Todd and Greg strive to make the office a happy, productive place to work, with many staff having served for many years.

    Greg recollects that the marketing guy for Page & Pearce approved of the byline of “the good property people”, because he’d heard around town others refer to Todd and Greg as straight shooters, with a genuine desire to serve clients first.

    Page & Pearce are not just talking the talk. They’re actually doing what they say they’ll do.