Unnecessary removal of beautiful Poinciana tree in Jeppesen Road Toogoom by Council

wendy amos

I came home from the beach last Friday to find council workers patching the concrete path on my footpath. It has been about 9 years since the pathway has been fixed (properly, last time) so I decided to ring Council to find out what  was happening.  I was eventually told that my tree was earmarked for removal before Christmas because it was damaging important "infrastructure"  When I asked what "Important Infrastructure" I was told it was lifting the concrete path and someone had complained about tripping.  This problem of tripping has been fixed by bitumen being put  to level the path.  So maybe the person or people who are tripping may need to get their eyes tested now.

I would like to point out that this "infrastructure" finishes at my property and from there these people then have to negotiate  up and down a few humps and onto the roadway, or, walk along the footpath, sidestep telegraph poles, a sewerage box and a half demolished bus shed (with rubbish scattered around).  I also mentioned to the Council person in charge of removing whatever they like,   that the concrete path is dangerous for the reason that unsupervised young This tree is magnificent at this time of year, perfect for the parents waiting for the school bus in the shade, has not damaged the roadway at all and the only root causing the problem is probably getting water from my garden so will probably only ever grow towards the water supply.  Isn't it about time  this council sees the value of trees as a thing of beauty and not just something to remove.