The Good, The Bad, The Ugly..

Wayne Offer



Been a while but I'm back..
Good bit.
We have just seen the ultimate outcome in Australian sport with 2 Queensland teams in the Rugby League Grand Final. Needless to say I really did not give a rats arse who won as long as their was not a New South Wales team in sight. 
Nor did most Queenslanders, and to top it off the local side The Jets dispatched another southern side to win the second tier.. 
Yep I'm excited and I don't even follow the stupid code for druggies and drunks. Andrew Johns as a "Rugby League Imortal"???? Says it all. Tolerate him and you got no integrity ever. 
Away from sport for a time and one can't help understanding American Logic and fascination, when it come to guns. 
When a nations leaders tolerate mass killings of innocent people and do not have enough guts to stand up and say enough and act those leaders are not their for the people they are their for themselves and no right to be in places of power. They are the White House Cowards, tottering old men who parade as keepers of all knowledge who really are just actors impersonating some imaginary script in their senile fantasy of some movie star, disregarding the actual reality. They would never last in another intelligent, politically aware population where regardless of politics the people's safety and wellbeing is paramount. They would be stripped of office, but in saying that you only get the government you deserve and if you are a careless when it comes to the polls or are led by the spin from main stream media you will get fools and con men in charge of your life. Your call... 

The Ugly

Who would ever thought Russia and America would ever see eye to eye on Syrian solution with bystanders Iran and Israel on the sidelines.. It's a accident waiting to happen with massive consequences. No place for Australia or any other nation in fact. 
Agreed the forces of evil are in play but they were financed by both major powers in the past then it became politically unsavoury with the antics of the players..
I fear for the worst with this one, and open conflict will erupt...
We the rest of the world have more important issues than religion, much more important issues in fact..
 Ok that's enough for now... It's a public holiday on a day that was changed to incite the working class by the born to rule class on day one of taking office. They did not last a full term of office. The people threw them out... 
More of that should occur around the world.... Cheers.