Shopping Centre Cartels go Untouched

Wayne Offer

Our federal treasurer in the last budget has told small business to go out their and borrow and spend spend spend with little thought of what actually happens in small business when debt payments eat into outgoings such as rents, leases, power and not counting wages. 
As a experienced retailer in major shopping centre culture the only sector who is on the gravy train are the complex owners as they are the people who control the retailer who controls the prices, employs the people, that intern kicks the economy.
As well these untouchables get well above rent CPI increases, cut price utilities and services that they intern on sell to leaseholders at a profit driving retail overheads higher and profits down along with employment. 
Tax concessions and breaks are magnified yet government never touch this Cartel  of owners that control the nations retail shopping centres which intern effect the lives of thousands of lower paid workers. The exact same people the employers and government are targeting to cut penalty rates.
The question must be asked why not only Conservative governments have turned a blind eye to these Political untouchables?
May I suggest you look to the parties election donations major and minor may be a indicator.
The Major Chains or Anchors as they are known in the shopping centres having rents and outgoings massively below the "normal" retail outlet, pumping donations into the election coffers keeping the status quo for the Complex Owners.
Pensioners, Workers Superannuation, Health, Penalty Rates, GST, Dole are all on the table for this governments austerity measures and business does have to make a profit, but it's the people at the Botton who are being asked to pay while the Rich and powerful go untouched. 
If we are to avoid a recession and gain confidence lets see a fair approach to all Australians starting with the core overhead of any employer, rents and outgoings.
Drive them down and employment along with profits will increase, creating confidence, similar to that that got us through the GFC.