An Appeal to Keep Your Local Club Alive.

Wayne Offer

How often have you thought about your local sporting club and the people who spend most of their spare time working to keep it afloat?

We see the same people on the mowers, behind counters, selling raffles, and most of the time just think oh it's "John or Jackie"and he or she will know when my kid or me are playing our chosen sport, or if theirs something amiss, prices rise a decision that does not suit you they then become the villains.
At committee level their are thousands of John and Jackie's working for nothing, just so Not For Profit (NFP) organisations can keep the doors open, but the issue is they are getting old and tired and no one is stepping into the breach to keep those clubs afloat.

There is the present challenge if we want our children away from video games and TV and off the streets away from the gang culture. It's a commitment parents often avoid and take the easy route of letting them entertain themselves until trouble arrives then it's not my little Johnny then look for blame allocation, forgetting to look inward first.

Local sporting organisations are the character building blocks for youth and local societies, and must be well managed, teaching right from wrong at a very young age, often taking the role of parents who lack the skills of parenting. Yes ,John and Jackie do a lot of that with in their own way, often unqualified in education but overqualified life which at times gets them into the "villain"category when tough love is required or expressed. 

Society has allowed the legal profession to define right from wrong in so many ways, which makes keeping compliance is a costly exercise. Insurances, Occ. Health and Safety, Compensation to name a few, important as they are are driving clubs out the door and keeping volunteers away for fear of legal action if things go wrong, again stymieing good intentions. 

The end result of we are not careful is the big sporting conglomerates will take over, yes "amalgamate" and downsize as they do to make profit consigning history to John and Jackie in the nursing home. 

Please next time your clubs Annual General Meeting comes up, turn up and maybe put your hand up, pass on some expertise, or at least learn what goes on behind the scenes to keep your club alive.