Energex ticks All the Boxes

Wayne Offer

This month, we have seen governments win and fall in two states on policy of sale of public assets. 

Yesterday while settling in to watch a feast of sport on the box while the wife was away, came a crash and a tree fell on our power cable forcing it onto the galvanised roof of our pegola.  
I contacted Energex immediately and after location was verified the job was allocated.
Within an hour, they arrived and commenced the process of chainsawing, freeing the cable, and restoring power. 
Job completed within an hour. Staff outstanding, Cost nil. 
Just think of what a private contractor would have charged for that service on a Sunday?
If the privatising model was adopted, I would have been fortunate to get someone for days, not hours. 
Well you don't know what you've got until you lose it, people. 
I'm lucky we voted to keep our plant that we the public own, and when you need it, it's nice to know customer service survives.