It's Handbags at a Hundred Yards in Ipswich Council

Wayne Offer


Well it looks like Ipswich and surrounds people are about to subjected to a bout of "Handbags and A Hundred Yards".

Two of our Labor (of course there are no politics in council) Councillors are at each other's throats over one's alliance with the RSPCA and its position with the Greyhound Industry at present, against the industry, vs the councillor for development wanting to build a complex to enhance the existing Bundamba Racing Complex. 

If it was only that simple.

Accusations of anti development and McCarthyism have entered the debate, with counter claims of cutting all ties with the Greyhound industry until it cleans up its act. 

Again if I was only that simple.

Some of the facts people should be aware of are the RSPCA Councillor was the one who actively campaigned to destroy the bat populations around Ipswich. Strange for an active spokesman for the organisation one might think?

Not to be outdone the Pro Development Councillor could not resist reminding the public that since his counterpart lost the Preselection battle for the State Seat of West Ipswich he has effectively become not effective in council, in his view, exposing the undertone factional wars that exist between the Goodna end and the North Ipswich branches of the ALP in the area.

Meanwhile yours truly like many people sit back and scratch our heads.

Ipswich has returned to the Labor heartland it always was State-wise and seeing these two public servants behaving like children in the public arena is embarrassing to the people who put them there, and the members and supporters of the Labor Party who despise factional spats.

Punters are again reminded this is no politics in council, got that, by a Mayor who got their on the a Labor ticket and support, who then became a Independent because it was politically convenient.  

As those of us that have been in the churn know, there are no friends in politics, only acquaintances, regardless of what side of politics you support.