Give the Local Talent the Nod.

Wayne Offer


Since moving to the Ipswich in 83, I have always read the Queensland Times. 
We have had some great editors and some not so great but all in all over time we have had a pretty balanced view on our political scene, until recent editorial changes.
New blood and ideas are good for local newspapers, but when a editor decides to fall in love with a political candidate or party and slants the debate the credibility of all the staff does come under scrutiny and assumptions become fact in the public arena.
To be fair the new boy has come from North Queensland and it may be culture to support your local member and that's fine, but when your local state member gets the flick you don't go out and run a campaign to get him the council job vacated by the person who won the election.
As its Somerset Council's responsibility to  select a councillor for the temporary vacancy due to the time factor to the next election, it would be ethical for one of the unelected contestants from last council election fill the short term vacancy instead of parachuting in a failed candidate who has to move into the area to qualify. 
Not so say the QT. He's a "good bloke" is the copy and with experience in government.
Somerset people should have the chance to look at the local people who put their hand up last election, not a direct recycled one wanting to get the head back into the public trough ASAP. 
I am pretty sure this decision is a test and will be in the people's mind when they return to vote in 2016.