The Intergenerational Report of Girral Road. #1

Wayne Offer

With all the Spin going around the MSM about the political document I just thought it was time to look at the real Intergenerational Report that has occurred on our street Girral Road.
Before we get too far into this I must warn their is a language and concept warning in place for the life of this story.. There I've warned Ya.
It took a bit in the 80's to move from the life style of my childhood and friends to a place no one knew called Thagoona. Moving my 8year old son from a school of about 480 to a school at Mt Marrow with 7. No shops to walk to, no street lights, in fact our entertainment at night was looking at the lights at neighbours in other streets.
Tv was a luxury then while trying to pay off a new home and as was floor coverings. The bugs were educational as we had a brand new breed of them we'd never seen.
Girral Road however was a thriving place then.
Greyhounds were the go, and honestly did figure in our decision to build and move in. 
Yes building was a classic. We visited the block one Saturday morning, drove up the street and saw a home being built, wandered in, and said to the bloke we had the corner block and wanted to build. 
Ok he said,that's fine, come up next week and I'll show you the plans I have. 
We did and that was that, no contracts, no legals, all we had to do was set it up with the lenders and that was that. Done deal.
His reputation locally was beyond reproach. His team of tradesmen all locals and family businesses employing local, and still friends today.
We were guilty of bringing my childhood neighbourhood ethos to our road. Coming from a war service home in Ekibin, all us kids played together, parents partied together and looked after each other's houses and property. That ethos still exists in Fingal Street with those who are still alive, most in their mid eighties and nineties today.
They say animals and kids break friendships. In our case those bought us together.
Dogs getting out of their runs, cows racing up and down the street. Rodeos getting them back to their homes. 

Our Street Icon at the time was Lucy Cow. 
A fine specimen of Friesian who was bred by the Williams family and admired greatly, until she bulled. 
When she came in season which is every 3 weeks, their was no fence that would hold her. 4 string barb wire was like a knife through butter. 
I had a electric fence so it was decided that she should live with us. A trade was agreed over a few beers and then we were chasing her when she took advantage of our stupidity not to turn the fence on.
Convincing the new neighbours not to go near her in this state only took only one experience. Veggie gardens "Aired", plain fences tested, and it was not uncommon to get a 2 o'clock in the morning call saying "Wayne your cow is looking at us through the bedroom window. 
The advice was always the same. Don't go near he and it will be all over in about 4 hours. After that time it was walk up to her,and throw the lead around her,and she would walk home like a little puppy, cuddling you for the meal she missed out on while away.. That went on for about 15 years, educating new residents as she went. She left us in her 21st year on a Christmas Eve but her legend still lives on. 
We moved to the country to get away from the city, the kids can play in the street, the paddocks, the scrub. Seeing nature in all its glory,good and bad,was a daily thing. Births,deaths, snakes, swooping birds, charging goats and cows all in a days fun on Girral, and we so called "adults" took responsibility for looking after the tribe that turned up at your place on the day, and that included animals too.
Wishing not to bore you with to death, I will close this chapter with the story of Norms  Sunday's.
Sunday morning was a time for galloping, hydra bathing, machining and basically pampering our pooches. The afternoon was down time and quite often being at the end of the street would be visited by Norms Dogs. Norm used to relax a bit Sundays and just fade into a wonderland and he would forget to close the doors.
Yeah that was his story. 
One day I was walking them back home and he met me and complemented me on how well the dogs looked, then realised they were his.. 
Oh yes, the Names could be fictitious, on the other hand may not be....