Blame Trumps Process in Thagoona QLD

Wayne Offer


Residents of Adelong Avenue would be pleased the leaky water road crossing has been fixed by Urban Utilities last week after much kerfuffle from the authorities.

The actual fault was discovered by morning walkers who raised it with yours truly on the 3rd of March and reported Via the Application Snap Send Solve available on your smart phone. 

Council responded with a email  " water is not our responsibility, you will have to call Urban Utilities yourself as we do not offer this service"
That response was not found until Sunday 8/3/15 as yours truly was away from home. 

On discovery yours truly immediately contacted Urban Utilities who informed me a report had been received that morning via Councillor. 
Yours truly questioned Councillor on why they do not interact with relevant authorities via the APP and was informed they are "looking into it".

It was pointed out that the longer the time the water leaked the more damage it causes in the restoration of the bitumen road which is their responsibility, and that's not disregarding the cost of the water itself. 

That statement went through to the keeper, but I was informed that Council Owns 11% of Urban Utilities, privatisation stinks, and it was Anna Bligh is to blame.

Not sure how that works out but in Politicians mind "Blame" seems to be important and strategic. 
Suggestions were forwarded to Urban Utilities to include themselves on the Snap Send Solve app but nil response received from either authority as of publication.