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how do money spells work?

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Money spells are a diverse topic which can only be touched upon in brief. Because money spells are so diverse there are a few different ways they can work. This, of course, depends on the type of spell, the energies evoked, and the target of the spell. A spell designed to improve gambling luck, for example, will not work the same as a spell to bring more money.
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To illustrate this point, take the case of a standard money spell. If you want a spell to get money, this would be the type of spell you seek. Spells like this work by the laws of attraction – they are magnets to monetary and financial energies and thus draw them in. When a spell of this nature is cast it works to attract money from all of the available sources around it. To help visualize this, imagine fishing with a net or series of hooks. Either many fish are trapped inside it, or one big fish comes upon the hook and bites it. Either way, it is sure to increase the wealth and prosperity of the fisherman!

Let us look at another example, the case of the lottery spell. This spell works very differently. A lottery spell acts upon you directly as well as overall cosmic randomness, or chances of odds. This impacts the way the Universe, mathematics, and you come together in harmony. Lottery spells align the numbers with your own spiritual and psychic energies, making it more likely for it to be “your turn” to win. This is very much related to quantum physics; in string theory, these things converge to influence the Universe and outcomes therein. Lottery spells take advantage of this and act swiftly upon it.

Yet another type of money spell could be that which increases your financial success within a specific domain. Perhaps you would like to get a promotion at your job, sell a house, or start a business. All of these spells work differently; they could influence your boss, tweak the nuances of the situation in a multitude of ways, or more. However, one thing is certain: They do work. And when it comes to using spells to get money this is the only thing that matters.

A final thought – there are many tales with the moniker “be careful what you wish for.” For example, a proverbial story might tell of a person wishing for money only to have a loved one die an leave it to them. This will not happen with standard money spells! The experienced caster – and I include myself here – will not let that happen. Special precautions are taken to avoid any awful “surprises” of that nature. So, rest assured that no harm can come from having a money spell cast here. contact me via drjumba.simon@gmail.com
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