Surry Hills parking meters to cause havoc for residents

Darren Moffatt

The City of Sydney council plan to introduce thirteen new parking meters in Surry Hills and East Sydney looks like worsening the very problem it was intended to solve, according to some local residents.

In a report yesterday, local resident Jo-anne Elliott claims that people from outside the Surry Hills area will now be able to park all day, making it even harder for local residents to find a spot. Although residents asked for the meters as a deterrant for this, she claims that many motorists will simply pay the meter for a full eight hours and leave the car all day, where as previously there was a one or two hour maximum.

Will this make street parking for residents worse?

A spokesperson for the City of Sydney said the parking meters were installed at the community's request. 

"The City responded to residents' requests for parking to be reviewed in some parts of Surry Hills where spaces are at a premium," a spokeswoman said.

"After community consultation, one meter is planned for Riley St and around twelve are planned in total for Bellevue and Belmore streets.

"The changes respond to residents' concerns as well as the needs of local businesses.

Pay parking increases the turnover of spaces in areas of high demand and encourages increased compliance with restrictions, giving residents a better chance of finding a park near their homes while ensuring customers can reach local businesses."