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What is strata title?

Strata Schemes & Strata Title Management

Strata title is a form of property ownership devised for higher-density communal living in unit blocks, apartment buildings, villa and townhouse complexes. It’s actually a great Australian invention that was first introduced in New South Wales in 1961 as an alternative to company title (which had previously been the only way to divide legal ownership of apartment blocks).

Strata title (also known as ‘community title’, and ‘unit title’ in some states) is now widespread across NSW, QLD, VIC, WA, TAS, SA, ACT and NT. These days it’s the most common way for individuals to legally own units within apartment blocks.

In Strata Title Schemes, the individual lot owners have legal title to their personal living spaces such as apartments and garages. The scheme’s ‘Body Corporate’ (or ‘Owner’s Corporation’) is responsible for common areas on the property such as stairwells, foyers, roofs, gardens and so on.

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Common strata issues

How to do a strata scheme

Strata living is a great way to share resources and access property ownership, but such a communal approach inevitably presents challenges. Some of the most common problems faced by lot owners, body corporate committees, and strata managers include:

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Strata Pages – the solution you’ve been looking for

We’ve created Strata Pages to help solve many of these problems & take the stress out of strata! In an effort to help as many strata schemes as possible, we’re making Strata Pages freely available as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS).

That is, rather than sell the software for you to purchase & install, we’ve made it part of the Housenet site. We host it centrally on our secure servers at Bulletproof in Sydney, so you can access Strata Pages immediately without any set-up or infrastructure costs.

Join Housenet to get started, and create your strata page in minutes.

Who’s it for?

Both self-managed body corporates and professional strata managers find great value in Strata Pages.

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Key Benefits

  • Reduce conflict
  • Minimise disputes
  • Save time
  • Store and share documents easily
  • Better communication
  • One central place for your strata community
  • Easy to use Facebook-like interface
  • No more lost emails or ‘I wasn’t informed’ excuses!

Key Features

$49 p.m.
$79 p.m.
Available 24/7
Max members per page Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Max no. of Strata pages 3 10 Unlimited
Discussion forums
Document Storage
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Security & Privacy

Housenet has embedded powerful privacy tools into Strata Pages to enable maximum security for your strata community. As a ‘page owner’ or ‘admin’ you have full control over:

  • Membership - approve or deny membership as people request to join
  • The visibility of the page itself - set who can see the page even exists
  • Page permissions – set privacy & access for each aspect of the page functionality

Each page permission such ‘view documents’ or ‘create event’ has three levels to choose from:

Admins Only the admins of the page
Members Only All members of the page, including admins
Everyone Everyone on Housenet, including site guests

For example, let’s say that you want ONLY committee members to add documents to the page for members to subsequently view & share. These are the steps to take:

  1. Make all committee members ‘page admins’
  2. Set permission for ‘add document’ to ‘admin only’
  3. Set ‘view documents’ to ‘members only’

Page members & admins alone would see the documents, but only admins can add new documents.

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4 quick steps to get started

  1. Join Housenet
  2. Create your personal profile
  3. Establish a page for your strata community
  4. Invite owners / committee members / strata manager to the page
Your first 3 strata schemes are free!

Tutorial - Getting started with Strata Pages