Westconnex misinformation Newtown - The word on the Street....

rick williams

Last saturday a group of us from The Westconnex Action Group (WAG) went on our own door knocking campaign in Newtown to dispel some of the myths that have been floading around about the Westconnex plan.

The plan was simple knock on doors, ask a few questions, listen to what people had to say, record the infomation and then go to the pub for a debrief. For some this would be a daunting task and our small group had a range of feelings before we set out , from dread to excitement and a bit of fear and loathing thrown in.

Newtown has been flooded with Labor door knockers since Penny Sharpe decided that during the King Street Crawl with 3000 constituents protesting the Westconnex - that she would choose this exact moment to doorknock those empty houses. We thought there could be some hostility, certainly some confusion but generally we expected to be met with pretty well informed residents.

We were not dissappointed - so to the residents of Lord Street thankyou for sharing your time on Saturday with us passionate volunteers trying to make a difference, and trying to stop this ridiculous road scheme, benefiting no-one in the State at all. For the most part residents knew it was a Motorway, knew it was a bad idea, but didn't understand the implications of the Labor and Liberal scheme to build the road. 

Labor trumpetting of "saving newtown" is both inaccurate and irresponsible as it simply dumps the bad road on someone else's front door...nimbyism at its worst. In fact this is the only point in which I agree with the WDA who at the community forum last week said Labors plan will make it much worse as the Westconnex is designed as a whole project and if any piece is missing then the whole concept fails creating traffic chaos. Labor's plan won't save Newtown and in fact it will make it worse for an even broader group of suburbs for ever. Once it is built it can't be unbuilt and we'll all be paying for it over and over and over again in taxes and tolls.

So an hour or so of knocking 4 of us got 21 completed conversations and 15 people keen to sign up and help stop the Westconnex, my guess is this is a great hit rate and shows the level of disgust about the End of Motoroway in St Peters - watch this space as we are planning a large scale door knock soon.