WestCONnex Newtown: Hostile Enmore Theatre crowd takes on Westconnex chief.

rick williams

As expected the Chief Executive of WestConnex lived up to his name.

Dennis Cliche did everything he could not to give any specific information to a highly informed crowd at the Enmore theatre Monday Night. From saying none of Sydney Park is to be taken (apart form the 12 metre strip to the East - yes sorry forgot about that) to fluffing the proposed number of lanes planned for Campbell Street - how many lanes? 4 or 6 was the answer. Not good enough, this is currently an unfunded $15 billion project with no real plan, no cost benefit analysis and no business case.

Persistent cries of "Lies" and "Answer the question" came from an increasingly frustrated if not surprised 1000 strong growd packed into the iconic Inner West venue. So insistent on showing us the maps  with broad arrows designating road corridors 2 km wide (or so the graphic indicated) that the so called community consultation part of the evening left literally 50 people with their arms in the air questions unanswered as the WDA representative stormed off the stage.

If this is WDA's idea of a community infomation night it was sadly lacking in information and certainly the very valid questions around traffic moddeling, pollution, smoke stacks, the business case ....were brushed aside with distain. The Community that is the Inner West in not impressed and whatever Cliche the WDA rolls out will not be swallowed.

We will not stop fighting this insane plan until the end. #nowestCONnex