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    Quick Realty

    Consulting/Business Services
    • Level 18 333 Ann ST (STREET)
    • BRISBANE CITY 4000
    • Queensland
    • Australia
    07 3103 3273

    Quick Realty is a complete mobile marketing strategy for real estate agents. It includes a HD video with voiceover, Mobile optimised landing page and QR code.

    Quick Realty was developed for two reasons; the first being that in today’s digital era it’s crucial for listings to have a video, and secondly that with Australia having the second highest penetration of smart phones globally, it is becoming increasingly important for agents to adopt a mobile marketing strategy.

    The biggest limitations in the past to producing video and having a mobile strategy have been money, time and fear of the unknown. Quick Realty has therefore developed a product that can be less than $100, turned around within 24 hours and simple to use at all touch points i.e. for the agent, vendor and potential buyers.