First World Problem?

Carlota Arias

I took this photo of Potts Point from Andrew "Boy" Charlton Pool ( adjacent to the Royal Botanic Gardens ) on the day this article was published ( before I had read it! ). Can you see the ship? Picture by: Carlota Arias 

I find it impossible to have any sympathy whatsoever for these NIMFIES ( "Not In My Front Yard" ). They have moved into an area which overlooks Garden Island, Potts Point. The Navy relationship with Garden Island began 10 days after the First Fleet arrived in 1788 when Captain Phillip gave it to the crew of the SIRIUS to grow their vegetables. On 7 September 1811 ownership of Garden Island was declared to have transferred to the Governor's estate with produce dedicated for the exclusive use of Government House. The transfer had practical effect but due to an administrative error it was not formally registered, leaving the land in the legal ownership of the Navy which successfully sought its return in 1866. Ever since then Garden Island has been the location of a major Royal Australian Navy base. I have been a resident of Potts Point for 17 years and I have never found a reason to complain about living here. I feel so fortunate to live in this area; it's so close to the city, the harbour, the Royal Botanic Gardens, it has everything you need and the social fabric is socially diverse and culturally rich. Why can't these people appreciate how lucky they are to live so close to the city in this beautiful area, especially when there is a housing crisis in Sydney right now? I'm surprised to see our local Independent MP Alex Greenwich getting involved...but not really as the NSW State Election is coming up. And if these poor, hard done-by residents think the HMAS Canberra is blocking their precious view I wish they were here when the (now-decommissioned) USS Kitty Hawk last docked here in 2007 ( picture below ). Wink

The view of USS Kitty Hawk at Garden Island in 2007 from the Royal Botanic Gardens. Smile Andreyevich - Own work.