Sydney school children pelted with eggs by noise-hating neighbour - Potts Point 2011

Carlota Arias

The busy playground where eggs were thrown at children playing. Picture: Daniel Aarons

Why move into one of the four most densely populated areas in Australia if you don't like "noise" (especially the "noise" of children playing in a playground!)? According to The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) Potts Point has a population density of over 13,000 residents per square kilometre (30 April 2013). "Noise" in Potts Point is not a new phenomenon; Potts Point sits on a ridge immediately east of Woolloomooloo, west of Elizabeth Bay and Rushcutters Bay and north of Darlinghurst, and encompasses the locality of Kings Cross - a well-known commercial area that is dominated by bars, restaurants, nightclubs, strip clubs and adult bookstores - one of the noisiest areas in Australia on Friday and Saturday nights. Another NIMBY ( "Not In My Back Yard" ) who needs to consider moving to the country instead of throwing eggs at kids in a playground.