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    Pocket Reporter apps on iPad and iPhone help minimise the effort required to complete inspections of properties for Property Managers. Unlike our competition Pocket Reporter has been continuously developed and improved from the feedback of actual property managers and property inspectors in the field over a period of 12 years. The result is generations ahead of everything else on the market with these key features (among many others):

    • Sick of typing? Pocket Reporter's PhraseStorm system does the typing for you by providing preconstructed sentences designed to describe the thing you are looking at right now (as opposed to everything you might want to describe in a property). If you're trying to describe a window you won't see suggestions about plaster or carpet! PhraseStorm can even be modified by you to describe the property using your own words. As you're walking out of the door of the property your report is ready to go, either by email or downloaded to your computer.
    • Don't want to carry a filing cabinet around with you? Neither do we, and yet with Pocket Reporter you carry a comprehensive history of every inspection undertaken for every property on your iPad or iPhone. Even better is the fact that you don't have to go scanning through the past reports to find the information you're looking for. Whatever you're looking at (the bedroom wall for example) you'll see all of the comments made about that item in previous inspections as well as all of the photos that have been taken. You can re-use the comments and update the photos with amazing results.
    • The quality of the reports produced by Pocket Reporter is outstanding and tailored to the legislative requirements of different regions. There is an easy setting to put your office logo on the report but we can also tailor the entire layout of the report to make your office stand out from the crowd.

    All of this amazing power and flexibility is incredibly easy to pick up and start using because, unlike every other inspection app on the App Store, Pocket Reporter reflects the process you use to inspect properties, not the pen and paper system you are trying to replace. Our goal is to help property inspectors focus on inspecting properties with the minimum effort required, leaving our app to worry about creating the final report.