Perth Travel Guide

Massimo Jones

If you're looking for a place with fantastic beaches, tropical wildlife and a relaxing holiday atmosphere, than visit to Perth. Perth is the capital of Western Australia and offers the perfect combination of a modern city with great contact with nature. The city has a population of 1.6 million and is the most isolated city in Australia. Perth is located on the western coast of Australia. Perth is a city that respects its people, with clean air, open spaces, parks and beautiful river.



Travel attractions in Perth

The beaches

Perth city has the numbers of dazzling beaches to attracts its visitors. Some of the beaches are sandy and white, while others are with caves and curious rock. Most of the beaches are ideal for walking or toning. You can find numbers nice restaurants and cafes  around the beaches which you never forget.



Swan River
The Swan River is faced with roads to walk, beaches and parks. You can enjoy boating, fishing or you can take a cruise along the river. Park with many beautiful trees, garden and play ground is free to use, where family and friends gather to enjoy the magnificient weather.



This part of town is like another world. The city has many historic buildings. The atmosphere in Fermantle is young, vibrant and energizing. It has a big market with many products like fresh vegetables and fruits. On streets of Fremantle you can find numbers of good shops, books stores, cafes and restaurants. Fermantle is about half 27 km from Perth Airport. You can hire a car from aiport to visit there. is the website from where you can hire cheap and reliable car for your trip.



Perth Zoo
Perh has an incredible zoo. This is a medium size zoo, roads are shaded well. There is a huge excursion area and the zoo often organised events and concerts to enjoy. Perth zoo has wide variety of flora and fauna, free moving orangutans, kangaroos, adorable orangutans, giraffes and squirrels running around every corner of the zoo. Perth Zoo will always be a enjoyable outing for all the family.



Perth city has a Mediterranean climate with pleasant temperatures almost all year. There is lots of sun in Perth. The climate during the months of autumn and spring is perfect to visit there.

The Rottnest Island
The Rottnest Island is the perfect holiday destination in Western Australia. You can reach there by a ferry ride from Hillary or from Fremantle. 



The Island has number of historic buildings and beaches. Cycling is main mode of transportation on Island. On this Island you can see Rare Quokkas who looks like a huge rats. In Perth you can find some more intresting place, visit there and enjoy your holiday with your family.