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    Welcome to the Official Housenet Page for the OAKHAMPTON HEIGHTS local community! On this page anyone can:

    • Find things to do in OAKHAMPTON HEIGHTS
    • Get the latest OAKHAMPTON HEIGHTS neighbourhood news, 24/7
    • Browse classifieds listings by OAKHAMPTON HEIGHTS local residents
    • Find events posted by OAKHAMPTON HEIGHTS neighbours.
    • Enjoy OAKHAMPTON HEIGHTS photos & videos

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    This page is an important OAKHAMPTON HEIGHTS community resource, so FIVE STRICT RULES apply. Breaches by members may result in a permanent banning from the site:

    1/ NO advertising, spam or business promotional material on this page. 

    2/ Post ONLY content that is important, relevant & useful to local residents.

    3/ NO abuse or personal attacks on other members.

    4/ NO bogus or fake content.

    5/ Information you post must be accurate & truthful at all times. 


    • This page is for serious local news, discussion & information that other residents would definitely want to know.
    • For more fun, social, sharing & promotional posts use your 'status updates' in your own activity feed 
    • Businesses wanting to advertise to the suburb: create an ad or request a media kit from Housenet via contact page

    There is also a PRIVATE bulletin board for OAKHAMPTON HEIGHTS residents ONLY. You must join Housenet.com.au to participate in OAKHAMPTON HEIGHTS discussion forums about:

    • Local Crime
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    • Real estate & property

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    There is no need to leave the page. Once you unsubcribe from this page entirely, you will no longer receive any important updates such as local crime alerts. Use 'Thread Tools' in discussions to unsubscribe from topics that don't interest you.

    Finally, if you're unhappy with any part of this community page,  or you have suggestions for improvement, contact Housenet via the Help & Feedback tab.