Easy to Neglect Aspects for Choosing Sofa

john yang

It seems that there is nothing to be cared about for choosing sofa. But 60% of the people are dissatisfied with the sofa they bought. It is because they neglected some of the aspects that they should have think about. What are the aspects that people are easy to neglect?


Not considering the bear ability for the sofa

The bear ability of the sofa decides its service life. The frame of the sofa decides the bear ability for the sofa. If you want to choose one durable sofa, you first should observe the frame to find out whether it supports not easy to distort or not. You had better choose solid wood sofa frame. In the solid wood frame, the imported eucalyptus is the best. The sofa frame made by eucalyptus can at least use 6 years, which other wood cannot compare with it.


Neglect the rebound resilience for the sofa

If you have kids in your family and they like jumping on the sofa, you should take the rebound resilience into consideration. The traditional sofa only uses serpentine spring. This kind of sofa is easy to deform and collapse. For the sofa with good rebound resilience, they usually integrate the serpentine spring and bandage. In this case, the firmness and rebound resilience are double strengthened. Even if your kid jumping on it, the seat cushion will not deform.


Ignore the comfort for the sofa

For the too hard sofa, it is not suitable for the regular seating, which has influence on people’s spine. Most of the comfortable sofa on the market adopt newly cushion with sponge plus down feather. At the same time, they pave many layers sponge with different rebound resilience at the bottom of the sofa frame so that the cushion can averagely bear the force. Besides, plus down leather in sponge can solve the hard problem and maximally satisfy the comfort requirements.


Not considering the wear resistant and wash ability


If your family has old people and children, you had better choose the sofa material with dirty resistant ability and fine wear resistant ability. Chamois leather and denim are your first choice. The delicate hand feeling of this kind of material is familiar with animal fur, which is hard to deform and wear resistant. It has strong water proof, oil proof and dirty proof ability, which is suitable for the families with pets. At the same time, when buying sofa, you may customize one more sofa cover for the convenience of changing and washing. You can learn more at www.melodyhome.com