The Main Points for Hand Painting on Wall

john yang

With the popularity of word DIY, individuality has become the represent for pursuing fashion and life quality. Wall hand painting not only brings beauty to home improvement and visual impact, but also shows the understanding of home owner to fashion and art. The source of wall hand painting is originated from the graffiti art of Europe and the United States. In the past, street graffiti is very popular in young painter, but it do harm to public environment in some degree. Therefore the development of street graffiti is limited. But now, the graffiti enthusiast finds the way to develop their hobby. Asking painter or designer to paint on the wall becomes the remodeling fashion of young people.

Since wall hand painting is the expression way of art, beauty and design style should be the standard of it. Firstly, when having hand painting on wall, the pattern and color should be consistent with the interior designstyle. For example, when your home is designed in Chinese style, the color for wall hand painting should be black, red or gold. The pattern is better to be the traditional pattern of China or the pattern often used in traditional Chinese painting. Modern style wall hand painting color tends to be bright. The pattern is relatively more realistic. The hand painting color of European prefer neutral and is low key. The pattern is mainly come from classical European decorative symbol for matching with European style furniture.

 Secondly, the position for hand painting wall is also important. Painting the whole room with hand painting is not recommended. It will make the space lack layering. We can choose an accent wall for hand painting. It will bring strong visual impact for people.

 Another way for choosing hand painting wall position is to paint with pertinence to special space. For example, draw painting themed sun and flower, birds in the sunshine room; draw big tree on the wall of stair. The last one is to make the finishing point at the unnoticeable position like switch, air conditioner pipe and so on. Exquisite flower and natural leaves will bring unexpected decoration effect.

 Hand painting wall should be created according to the character and requirement of home owner and furniture style. The feature of hand painting wall is unique, but the same wallpaper can be found in many homes. And hand painting on wall is cheaper than wallpaper. When you choose wallpaper to decorate your home, then you must apply it on the four wall of the same room. This is different for hand painting wall. You just need to paint on one side of the wall in the same room. And the visual impact brought by hand painting wall cannot be surpassed by wallpaper.

 There are different templates for home owners to choose on the market. People can paint by themselves. It is money saving and free to create the paint according to home owner’s preference. If you want complicated pattern and more professional art, professionals should be asked to help you.

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