Chocolate Interior Decoration for the Baby Room

john yang

If you want to create a sweet space for your baby, the chocolate is a good choice. Maybe you will say that the chocolate is too heaviness. But through adding some other color or the deep and light changing, it can show you a space where is filled with mellow chocolate. shows you some collocating skills.


Chocolate + green

Put some light green in the chocolate can make an aromatic chocolate for your baby. You can paint the whole wall in chocolate and put some circle pattern and balloons on it. In this way, it adds the moveable feeling. With the large window and warm sunshine, let your baby grow up in the sunshine. It shows cozy and fresh by adding green carpet and white bed.

 Chocolate + purplish red

Maybe you feel it is too deep for your baby by decorating the room with chocolate and purplish red. But you can have a try. It can collocate the feeling with the sweet of red dates. You can put some strip wall decals and chocolate curtain.

 Chocolate + white

It can stimulate the unlimited imagination for your baby by decorating your baby room with chocolate wall, white wall dado and abstract patterns. The orange bedding positing on the bed lighten the whole space. Besides, you can design a small locker room with embedded design. Considering the small size of the cloth, you can design the small locker room in two layers so that you can hang all the baby clothes in it and save the space. Lean the baby bed to the wall so that you can spare more space for your baby.

 Chocolate + pink

Who says the giraffe have to be yellow. In the baby’s eyes, the world is colorful. The wide strip and the chocolate collocate well for the wall. It highlights the key color for the space. You can draw round pattern on the chocolate wall and hang two decorating pictures. In this way, the simple wall shows fresh and alive. Put the pink carpet not only can make sure the safety for your baby, but also increase colors for the little room.

 Chocolate + blue

The deep chocolate wall with circles adds the energy for the room. Without too much decoration, just the simple layout give the kid unlimited imagination. For the wall, the large and small circle with vertical stripes, blue, chocolate, black, even if they are cold colors, the room expresses rich and colorful. You can put a huge pin on the wall and design a bay window so that your kid can lean on it

 Pure chocolate

Two big windows pour the sunshine into the room. Even if it is deep color wall, it will not feel dark. Put the soft carpet and lots of toys on the bed creating a warm atmosphere. If you feel too simple only with the chocolate, you can paste some interesting wall decals on the wall. A tree with English letters adds naivety for the room. Leaning the bed to the wall so that your baby can sleep with the funny wall, maybe he will have the similar dreams with Alice.

 Seeing so much chocolate baby room decorations, do you have the temptation to bite one? [More details on]