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Mike Hunt

Our History

More than fifty years ago Blake Chanslor opened his first hamburger stand in Albuquerque. From the start, Blake was committed to using only high quality products for all his made to order menu items.

Sometimes known as Lota Burger, Lotta Burger, or just simply Blake's, the Lotaburger made its public debut on July 9, 1952. Customers enjoyed a Lotaburger, chips and a canned soda. An immediate success, Lotaburger fans were rewarded for their dedication with the addition of two more locations in 1953.

Today, Blake's Lotaburger can be found in 76 locations throughout New Mexico. According to our customers, they eat at Blake's Lotaburger for our consistent quality and great tasting hamburgers. Just like in 1952, Lotaburger remains committed to serving you only the highest quality products-which is why all our hamburgers are made with 100% USDA Certified Angus Beef, the freshest produce and buns.

Always cooked to order. At Blake's Lotaburger the cooking process never begins until the order is placed.