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    Join us by looking at new products in the industry, new concepts, ways to minimise cost of living, reduce cost of build. Its a brave new world and we continue to thrive by educating ourselves and the public.

    We are a family run business and work with land developers, suppliers, buyers and various other groups in order to offer and continually source high quality sustainable house and land product.

    Our core business is bringing the right people together. With your instruction, we will initiate the steps required in order to acheive the ultimate outcome. By collaborating with various stakeholders, Josh will manage effective communications from beginning to end and beyond. The only road to success is to ensure everyone is on the same page, with the right people, smart work and continued efforts.

    A key driver in our business now is toward sustainable product solutions. This brings about awareness and creates new markets. Not only is the developers rate of sale increased, the passing on of considerable savings to both the builder by reducing time & waste; and to the consumer by reducing cost of through various renewable energy catchment features & clever design to maximise space and harmony within the enviroment.

    Developers often need assistance in gathering pre-sales for any project of which our small database of investors/owner occupiers are ready to see what your project has to offer. We need to meet certain requirements in order to make your project a viable option however more than happy to open communications & build a relationship.

    Take a look at some of the reduction in costs our home ideas have that minimise impact on the environment and look beautiful. We have them available throughout various estates in South East Qld, Capricornia Coast, Central Qld & FNQ.