8 Things House Removalists Hate!

Jayde Ferguson

Moving house can be a stressful experience. It’s usually the reason you hire professional removalists to help with the job, so you’re not packing the truck, lifting and running around in a mad frenzy on the day. But it doesn’t mean you can completely slack off. For a home move to be successful and as pain-free as possible, things need to run smoothly. And that takes ample amounts of prior planning.

There’s nothing worse than getting on the wrong side of the removalists to add to moving day stress either. Some house moves can take all day, so you want to make sure you and the people you hired for the job are on the same page for all of it. One of the best tips for a smooth home move is knowing what you can do to help – and ultimately make the day go quicker. Make sure you avoid these culprits which can cause nasty delays, serious hair pulling and your removalists to really, really dislike you.

1. The Furniture ‘Extras’ Added on Moving Day

It’s an easy one to do. No one will notice that small couch, coffee table and bookcase you forgot to include in the quote and moving items checklist. But they will. Adding additional furniture on the day of the move will only hold things up. Instead, check (and double check) everything that needs to be moved is accounted for well in advance. If you miss something or need to add a couple of items to the list, let your furniture removalists know as soon as you can. This will save headaches for all come moving day.

2. Letting Children or Pets Get in the Way

Moving day tends to take its toll on everyone. Children and pets feed off your stress too, so getting them out of the house for moving day can be a good idea. Organise a babysitter, especially for younger children, so you won’t have to keep an eye on them all day. If that can’t be arranged, keep them separate to where the removalists are working. Having children and pets running around is a big safety risk that’s easily avoidable.

Children can help by looking after the pets which keeps them all occupied and close by too. Creating fun activity packs prior to the move can be handy for little ones to stay entertained. It’ll also help to keep them out the way, which is safer and encourages a speedier move. Here’s some more tips for moving house with young ones.

3. Forgetting to Plan for Large Plants

Accounting for all your furniture is one thing, but a common culprit is forgetting to include the plants too. Really large plants and plant pots are much harder to move than your bed and kitchen table. Often, it will require specialised equipment to relocate them, which your removalists will need to arrange ahead of the move day. Make sure you give them a heads up to avoid any delays on the day. As a general rule of thumb, all plants should be included in the moving items checklist. The amount of space plants take up in the truck is often underestimated, so the more information the removalists have to work with – the better. Houses with a large number of potted plants may need two moving trucks, so don’t leave it to the day to find this out.

4. When You Haven’t Finished Packing – Yet

I get it, you’re one of those last minute people. Sometimes it works, but if you’re still packing come moving day, things are off to a terrible start. You want the removalists to be on time for the job, so make sure you’re not leaving them waiting either. Packing when the removalists are trying to move things only causes delays in loading the truck and a chaotic shamble on the day. If you need some packing tips to inspire you to make a start earlier, check out these ones from Interior’s Addict here.

5. Failing to Empty the Fridge and Freezer

It’s one of those jobs no-one likes doing, but boy is it essential! The fridge and freezer should be emptied, defrosted and cleaned the night before moving day. Items can be stored in an esky overnight and it’s a good excuse to give everything a super thorough clean. Leaving this to moving day will only hold everything up and leave your removalists shaking their heads.

6. When the Washing Machine Hasn’t Been Disconnected

It’s a quick item to check off the to-do list, but one of the most common ones to forget. If you’re taking the washing machine and dishwater to your new home, make sure they’ve been disconnected from the wall and the power cords tied properly. It’s the little things like this that can make a big difference for moving day.

7. The New House Keys Aren’t Picked Up

Smooth house moves are all about planning. Anything you can do before the actual day of the move – do it. The sooner the better. This definitely includes picking up the keys to the new house! Don’t wait until the morning of moving day. You want to allow time for any issues should they arise and it’s always nicer to go check the house out before the removalists come too. The last thing you want is to be rushing around moving day on to organise the keys while the removalists are left waiting for you at the new property. It’s time wasting and can be a costly mistake.

8. You Forget to Offer Refreshments

Sure, you’re paying these guys to help you move your belongings but a few refreshments throughout the day shouldn’t go astray. It’s a big job - make sure you have cold water handy and make a couple of coffee rounds. The happier everyone is, the sooner the move gets done and the sooner you can settle into your new home.

Moving house doesn’t have to a challenge. By avoiding these culprits, you can save yourself a lot of time, money, hassle and headaches.

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This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who recommends Adlam Transport – Perth Home and Office Removals and Storage specialists operating WA-wide since 1996. Adlam aims to carefully strategise your move and have an experienced team of removalists on board to protect your valuables. You can catch her on Google+.