Space vs Value: Benefits of Working with a Quality Renovation Builder

Jayde Ferguson

The hassle of packing up and moving isn’t for everyone. You purchased a home for a reason. Whether it was to stop paying off someone else’s mortgage, to create the house of your dreams or to invest in your own unique design, the flexibility that comes with renovating over moving is priceless. Expanding your home and giving it a little TLC can be a big project – but a rewarding one at that.

With reality TV renovation shows like The Block fuelling inspiration, Aussie homeowners are preferring remodels over starting afresh. And with good reason too. Family situations are dynamic. What you want and what you need is constantly changing. Additions to the family, taking on new hobbies or craving new property developments all prompt a renovation. For a renovation to be truly successful though, it needs to offer space and value. Because isn’t that what a reno is really about? We look at the benefits of working with a quality renovation builder to achieve a remodel that ticks all the boxes:

Maximises Space

That “buzzword” all Aussie homes crave – space. Expanding families, dreams and new requirements all need it. And if you do plan on selling up in the future, potential buyers want it. Working with a quality renovation builder that specialises in remodels works in your favour. They review the current setup of the home and its architecture to design and construct plans that maximise the upmost space that can be achieved. 

Renovations that maximise space can be achieved through open plan remodels, extending out, or the ‘up and under’ approach. Homes can lack space when walls get in the way and create that ‘boxed in’ feeling. Quality renovation builders may consider opening the plan to maximise the space. The kitchen can be opened to the living room or dining room, the living room to the patio by knocking the adjoining wall and adding bifold doors, or connecting an ensuite bathroom to the bedroom.

Renovation builders find that ground floor extensions tend to be the most practical and cost-effective option for most properties. However, small block homes can extend space with an upper addition if land size prevents extending out. Building under the existing property is another specialised approached which can add space to the renovation too. All options, when done effectively, can achieve additional bedrooms, bathrooms, garages and living space. 

Boosts Property Value

Maximising the space of a property automatically boosts its value. But, there are other ways to take advantage of both space and value upgrades with a quality renovation builder. Creating an outdoor living space is a great way to tick both boxes, and it doesn’t have to be too pricey either. Homeowners thrive on outdoor entertaining so crafting a space that has all the creature comforts we see inside, outside is ideal. Reputable extension builders will be able to build a space the merges the two worlds together, which will maximise space and boost property value.

Other key areas to look at for increasing property value are the kitchen – the heart of the home and bathroom for a modern update. Extra comfort goes hand-in-hand with boosting property value. Consider what rooms are subjected to the most use and how they can be renovated to ensure the spaces are better laid out and more usable. A successful renovation or home extension will encourage a more attractive property that lifts its resale value substantially.

Project Specific

There’s a big difference between renovation/extension home builders and new home builders. Although their skills set is similar, it’s the expertise in project specific builds that matters the most. All builders will work to your house plans and organise the best way to coordinate the project, maximise space and value per the brief. But not any builder is right for your specific job.

Engaging with a renovation and extension builder that is experienced in the specific field offers a specialised approach. They know the best way to maximise your current space and work with it, rather than creating something spectacular from scratch. Find the right builder starts with ensuring they are project specific. Their portfolio of work should reflect the vision you have for your renovation and consequently, their skills in the area will be applied to your project.

No Compromise on Quality

The biggest advantage of working with the right builder is not just getting your vision achieved, but the level of quality that comes with it. Specialised builders pride themselves on excellence – and this oozes through every bit of detail in the renovation. Not jeopardising on quality doesn’t mean cutting corners, it’s about finding the right materials, appliances and ideas to fit the brief, whilst maintaining a level of precision too.

Investing in a quality renovation builder can help you achieve the home of your dreams. Whether you’re extending to maximise space of lift property appeal and value, it’s possible to tick all the boxes in your next remodel.

Author Bio
This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Stella Design & Construction – a specialised home building company that focus on high quality house additions and renovations. You can catch her on Google+.