Why Decorative Fencing Options Have Boomed in Popularity

Jayde Ferguson

Homeowners erect fencing to divide property lines and create a barrier between home and the outside world. Usually, they’re there for security and privacy purposes – but that doesn’t mean they can’t add a unique aesthetic appeal to your property too. Decorative fencing has become a popular fencing option for multiple reasons. As homeowners begin to realise the critical role fencing plays in exterior design, the need to invest in something ornamental but practical becomes priority.

Fencing is known to define an area, keep prying eyes out and add a sense of privacy and security to your home. But we forget that fencing should be a part of visual exquisiteness for that area too. It doesn’t matter whether the purpose of your fence is to keep people out, ensure pets stay in or to outline your home – you want it to look great and complement your home’s existing architecture and landscaping designs. Here’s why decorative fencing is considered the way to go:

Ability to Complement Architecture and Landscaping Design

Decorative fencing has aesthetic appeal. Thus, having a fence that has that ‘wow’ factor will automatically boost the way your home or commercial property looks. This is great for kerb appeal (an essential part of any great-looking home) and adding a unique touch to your home. Fencing comes in many different types of materials which all add their own individual charm. Combine that with various fencing styles and an endless variety of decorative features, you can easily create something spectacular.

The wide range of designs can be further customised to suit your home or commercial property too. Decorative metal screens can have exclusive intricate details in them and be fabricated to match the architectural design of your home. Metal screen fencing can be laser cut and perforated in multiple ways to add aesthetic appeal that’s unique to your property and your property only. It’s this ability to complement the home’s architecture and landscape design that makes decorative fencing a popular choice amongst homeowners.

Strength and Durability

Just because something looks pretty, it doesn’t mean there’s no strength or durability attached to it. Fencing is a classic example of this. Fencing materials and styles that do flaunt a decorative appeal can still withstand harsh weather conditions with little-to-no signs of wear or deterioration. If you choose protected metals like steel and aluminium that are properly designed with strength and durability in mind, decorative fencing can add that touch of elegance to the garden without jeopardising on the essentials.


Homeowners (and anyone looking to purchase a home) thrive on versatility. We all crave something a little offbeat in life, but that still lives up to its initial job – plus some extra. Decorative fencing is the versatile of all fencing options because it ticks all the boxes. It serves its purpose when it comes to security and privacy, defining an area or creating boundaries – but because of its versatility, ornamental fences can work with any property type. It doesn’t matter what your primary reason is for investing in a fence, adding a decorative appeal to your home will only do it wonders.

Boost in Property Value

Anything that serves a purpose in a home and looks good is usually an instant value boost. Kerb appeal, in particular, is a vital part of lifting your home’s value and making a good first impression come re-sale time. Fencing that is decorative but still offers security, privacy and versatility can be an invaluable asset for many homeowners. Even if you’re not planning on selling soon, any investment you can put into your home than gives you more bang for your buck at the end of the day is priceless.  

Privacy Control

Privacy and security are big ticket items for homeowners wanting to build a fence. Whether it’s to keep prying eyes out or enjoy a more secluded vibe in your outdoor living space, privacy is almost always a priority when it comes to fencing. The good thing about decorative fencing is it still offers a strong level of privacy control. Depending on the decorative style you choose, privacy is still maintained and light is let through the perforations, without that feeling like everyone can see in. If privacy control is at the top of your list, discuss with your fencing contractor about a unique design that can still offer visual appeal through custom cut-outs.

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