Best Value Patio Designs for Budget Conscious Homeowners

Jayde Ferguson

Homeowners love a good bargain – especially when it comes to revamping their house. But jeopardising on quality and aesthetics just isn’t an option.  It’s never easy when your wallet is hungry for a break and your backyard space is screaming for TLC so how do you get the best of both worlds? Installing a patio is one of the best ways to boost your return on investment, create a multi-purpose area and turn a dull looking yard into a private oasis. Like any renovation though, there’s always a cost involved.

It doesn’t mean though that you can’t get a great looking patio! Working on a budget shouldn't involve cutting corners – it simply means being smart about planning and design and looking at all options. With the building industry on the rise and multiple roofing products that add significantly to the scope of design, creating the ultimate patio for your space – on a budget – has never been easier.

1. Standard Flat Patio

The most common of the budget-friendly patio designs, flat patios tend to be associated with a lack of open space. But since the simple design has evolved; standard flat patios can come in a variety of sizes and roofing styles to enhance your backyard space in a super effective and stylish way.

Flat patios are exactly that – patios with a flat roof that lines up with your home’s existing roof structure. In the past, homeowners have usually avoided the flat patio designs for outdoor living because it was always considered a ‘budget patio’ option. With extra variety of design ideas and roofing alternatives like steel, cooling materials or solar insulation; standard flat patios have boomed into a trendy way to spice up a tired space.

2. Raised Flat Patio

For those that want the next step up with aesthetic appeal and functionality, raised flat patios are where it’s at. And they don’t come with a hefty price tag attached either! Raised flat patios are standard flat patios with a roof that’s raised to provide that extra height. This doesn’t just avoid that claustrophobic feeling smaller and more enclosed spaces can give, but it means the patio area will be cooler in summer.

When the roof of a patio is raised, that dreaded heat build-up is eliminated and you can entertain in the summer months without being too uncomfortable. The roof of these patios are generally raised above the house and offers an extra amount of space that never used to be available in anything other than gable patios.

By raising the roof of the patio, homeowners open the door to more design options. ‘Falls’ can be created in either direction to complement the existing house structure and sections of the patio can be filled or left open, depending on the space you’re wanting to create. Depending on your budget, raised flat patios can be customised in areas like roofing materials and patio design.  

3. Skillion Patio

Perfect for the backyard or to shade the side of the house, skillion patios are the reverse of your standard flat patios. Instead of falling away from the house, the roofs of these patios fall into the home opening up the area massively when you’re looking outside from in. If your property has stunning views or situation on a hill, skillion patios are ideal for boosting the aesthetics.

Skillion patios are a cost-effective way to turn an outdoor space into one that’s protected and functional. They’re great for covering large areas at minimal costs and provide ample shelter. Another reason homeowner’s find them popular is the extra natural light these patios add into the outdoor entertaining and living space. Like gable patios (which tend to be on the more expensive side of patio options), skillion patios open up the area without closing off the view or eliminating light.

4. Consider All Your Roofing Options

Whist the different patio designs all add up to a great looking outdoor space, it’s important to consider your roofing options too. This will ensure your budget is kept in check without jeopardising on quality and aesthetics too. As building resources constantly improves, the amount of roofing materials on the market can really make or break your patio design. And keep everything underneath protected properly from the elements. From steel, to clear plastic, insulated, solar and other alternatives; there’s something that will look great and fit within even the toughest budgets.

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Great Aussie Patios – Perth’s leading patio builders with a solution for every outdoor space. You can catch her on Google+.