5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Moving Interstate with a Shipping Container

Jayde Ferguson

Moving house - alongside building your own home, getting married or purchasing a new home – is dubbed one of life’s most stressful encounters. It doesn’t matter how prepared you are for the situation or how many times you’ve done it before, it’s still a very demanding task – both physically and mentally. Early preparation is essential to a successful move; especially when you’re heading interstate. And armed with the right tools and knowledge; your move can be made much easier.

There are many advantages to using shipping containers for an interstate move. Logistically different to a local relocation, moving interstate needs to be approached differently to make it work. There’s a whole heap of additional considerations to make and opting to shift your belongings in a shipping container can help save a lot of headache and funds. Here’s a few reasons why it works so well:

1. It’s a Financially Smart Move

Shipping containers can work out to be a convenient and affordable option for moving interstate. Because they can be used as a storage option too, which can be perfect if there’s delays in the house or move, utilising a container tends to be the financially smartest move. Compared to renting a self-storage unit if you needed too throughout the move, renting a shipping container tends to be much cheaper regardless of whether it’s a short term or long term solution. You can also save a lot of money by packing the container yourself.

Like with any big move, you’ll need to get a few shipping container quotes before you decide on the best option. Consider all self-removal service costs – all reliable shipping container removals will be transparent in all expenses for the big day.

2. Containers can be Stored to Avoid Double Moving

Because you can use the shipping container as a storage unit too, it offers the benefit of preventing further costs with double handling. Double handling can be occur when your new home isn’t ready to be moved into yet and can be a very common (and frustrating) issue when moving interstate.

To avoid double moving, some companies offer the option to have your belongings packed into the contained and kept at the local storage depot until you’re ready to move into the new home. This is handy if there’s any complications with the new house along the way.

3. Configuration Options and Range of Sizes  

One of the biggest advantages of shipping containers is the range of sizes they come in. This gives you the option to find the best for your moving needs, without having to spend money on extra space you won’t be using. Standard container options include 8 foot, 10 foot, 20 foot and 40 foot – with 20 foot being the more commonly used type for individuals and families moving interstate.

You can get an idea on what household items fit into a 20 foot container here, or check with your chosen shipping container moving company about what size is best for your needs. Shipping containers offer more storage and moving space than other means so your interstate relocation can be a smoother all-in-one operation.

4. Increased Security and Control over Your Load

Because you’re packing the shipping container yourself you’ll be saving more than just your hard earned money. Increased security of your valuables and household items is a big reason why many consumers are drawn to the convenience of shipping container moves. By packing the container yourself you avoid the hassle of personal items being stolen or going missing and you won’t need to worry about the moving company breaking anything either.

Packing the container yourself gives you better control over everything; from a relaxed pace packing the items on your time schedule to moving flexibility and smoother transitions.

5. Easy Transportation

Shipping containers can be transported by rail, truck or ship to give you multiple moving options and easy transportation. The valuable combination of storage and moving facilities that shipping containers offers ensures the transportation of goods can be done at almost any time, working around any busy schedule.

Because the container is dropped at your home and loaded by yourself, you don’t need to wait around for moving companies to be ready. Loading the container and getting it moved to your new location can all happen within your own time frame, so the ease of transportation and getting your belongings to the new place is certainly there.

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