How to Move Long Distance Cheaply in 6 Practical Steps

Jayde Ferguson

Launching yourself into a long distance or interstate move can be a super exciting time. New adventures on the horizon and a completely different environment – bliss. But getting the ball rolling to move your entire life to the other side of the country can be a little daunting, stressful and rarely kind to your wallet.

From limited finances to overtaxing on your stamina, moving house can take its toll on you and your family – if you let it. But with various ways to cut costs without cutting down on quality and moving tips to lower the stress levels, starting your new adventure can be much easier and inexpensive than you realise. Here’s a few steps to start you off: 

1. De-Clutter

Moving house is the ultimate time to review exactly what you need and what you don’t. The less you have to move the cheaper the overall costs tend to be so de-clutter where possible. Be prepared to leave a lot of stuff behind like those winter clothes you haven’t worn for years or old furniture that you know deep down you have no use for anymore.

You can make local donations to charity, give away items to friends, sell the things you don’t need (and make a few extra bucks in the process!) or arrange a rubbish collection to get rid of the extra clutter. Whichever option you do decide though, make sure you are ruthless and only move what you need or will definitely use again!

2. Opt for Self Shipping Container Removals with a Reputable Company

One of the cheapest ways to move long distance is opting for self-pack container removals using a specifically modified removalists shipping container. As far as moving interstate goes, this is easily one of the best ways to keep prices down.

But how does it work? You’ll get an empty container delivered to your door suitably sized for all you and your family’s items. The shipping container will be packed by you, picked up by the moving company and delivered to your new home ready for you to unpack and settle in.

Whilst this option can be a huge money saver, it’s important you’re careful about what company to pick. You want to look for one that’s reputable, reliable, cost-effective without cutting corners on quality and able to transport your prized possessions safely. Most companies will include insurance too, so be sure to check that the container removals company you’re dealing with does.

3. Obtain at Least 3 Moving Estimates

Research and shopping around is absolutely essential if you want the best moving deal. Before you choose the desired company, obtain at least three separate moving estimates to compare. Some companies may ask you to fill out an inventory form before giving you an estimate, but it’s in your best interests to grab an accurate in-home estimate instead. This way there will be no unlikely cost surprises come moving day.

If you are on a tight schedule, try not to just go for the first company you find because it’s the easiest or cheapest. It doesn’t take much to do a few quick internet searches, make some phone calls or arrange for someone to come out and give you a quote to guarantee you are getting the best possible price and service.

4. Choose the Time of Year to Move Wisely

Whilst we can’t all be picky with this option, especially if the move is more of a ‘last minute’ one, it’s ideal to consider your moving time carefully. Moving during off-peak times can be a massive money saver when it comes to lowering your long distance moving costs and these times will vary depending on your location and the company.

Moving during peak times can work out to be quite expensive. If you are unsure about what the off-peak times are, ask around at the companies you get your moving estimates from. It may just be worthwhile holding off for another month or moving a little earlier to get the best price.

5. Ask the Right Questions

Besides checking your chosen company offers insurance with the quote, there’s a few essential questions you should be asking when obtaining moving estimates. Make sure the quote is for door-to-door delivery instead of depot-to-depot, otherwise you may be forking out extra money to get your stuff to your new house. Find out how long expected transit time will be, whether there’s storage included and what the weight allowance is for your goods.  

6. Go with a Moving Company that Includes Extras

Moving house isn’t just about the packing boxes, moving company and shipping containers – you need other extras too for a smooth transition. Find out with your chosen company what else they include in the price like proper furniture blankets to protect your belongings and a removalist trolley to make the DIY move easier. Don’t be afraid to ask if they have any special offers going at the moment or coming up either, anyway you can cut costs is perfect right!?

Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Budget Self Pack Containers – Australia’s top interstate removalists with quality containers and boxes to help you with your next move. You can catch Jayde on Google+.