7 Stunning Bathroom Design Essentials for Your Luxury Dream Home

Jayde Ferguson

There’s no better place to indulge in a little sense of luxury than the bathroom – especially if it’s a master ensuite. It’s a room that encourages relaxation, time-out for yourself with a glass of wine and a good book or a chance to unwind with your loved one soaking in a tub of bubbles after a long day. Unless you’ve really dazzled in the luxurious bathroom designs of the modern home though, you may be yet to experience its beauty – but it’s never too late to create your own oasis!

To carefully craft a bathroom that is uniquely satisfying for your own needs takes a healthy dose of inspiration. Whether you dream of an open plan space fitted around a beautifully designed tub, or room loaded with the ultimate features for you to indulge in – we check out the most stunning, luxurious bathroom designs you’ll want to incorporate into your home. Sit back, relax and be prepared to have your mind blown.

1. Central Glass Shower

It’s not common for the shower to be situation in the centre of the room but when it is, the dynamics are changed to something that is truly fantastic. Complete with multiple shower heads that are both powerful and massaging, create a central glass shower that has entry from both sides for ease of access.

The clear glass of the shower opens the area and is ideal for rooms that are lacking in the feeling of space. You can then add other luxurious bathroom essentials around the focal point of the shower, for example, create an adjacent pedestal bath tub behind where the main shower head is situated.

2. Spa Jacuzzi set in a Bay Window Area   

There’s something pretty spectacular about bay windows in a space. You may be more familiar with its appeal in a master bedroom or lounge area, but what about in the bathroom? Add a spa Jacuzzi bath seated in tile or marble enclosure set into the bay window area and you’ve created another level of intimacy and serenity.

This set up features a cosy area that’s warm and inviting. One of the best things about this design, apart from the luxurious appeal of course, is it offers the opportunity to let in a good amount of natural light. Install vapour-proof down lights above the spa-bath Jacuzzi to create a softer, intimate ambience at night, or use the space on either side to set the scene with candles.


3. Dual His and Her Sink Spaces

When it comes to the bathroom, dual his and her sinks present a classic debate for couples (almost as bad as whose side of the bed is whose!). These days, couples prefer the luxury of having their own space in the bathroom and this can be extremely beneficial for busy couples that find they need to use the area at the same time.

His and her sinks are about that desire for personal space – and in a bathroom that oozes extravagance it almost becomes a necessity for many. Whilst it will work out more expensive to plumb two sinks over the one, matching his and her styles and vanity area complete with the benefits is a small price to pay.

4. Vintage Pedestal Bathtub

In a modern home and bathroom space, a stand-alone bathtub can be the perfect way to add a new sense of design flavour. Freestanding tubs are a rare vintage beauty developed over 3,000 years ago– we’ve all heard of them but despite the growing fondness for freestanding tubs, they’re still not a common addition to many homes. 


If you have room in your bathroom for tub that can be separate from the shower, pedestal bathtubs can be the way to go. They’re spacious enough to really relax in, with a hint of dramatic elegance that can add a spark to a dull space. For an extra arty appeal, look for a free-standing tub with striking clawfoots. This article provides some great freestanding bathtub ideas from French-styles to modern appeal.   

5. Vaulted Ceiling with Skylight

A ceiling that is curved into the bath and spa area can create an interesting appeal to an upper bathroom space – especially if the space is smaller. Because of its uniqueness, vaulted ceilings can be a prominent feature of a room. Install an open window into the vaulted ceiling to encourage natural light to flow into the room.  You can add a few down lights nearby on the roof too for night time use.

Skylights work perfectly in bathrooms because it creates a very appealing atmosphere - specifically an intriguing charm when you can see trees visible though them at sunset.  They’re also an ideal choice for many homeowners because they’re environmentally friendly, relying purely on the sun’s energy so it’ll end up saving you money.  


6. Long Letterbox Fireplace

There’s nothing like combining the luxurious appeal of water and fire, creating an element of feng shui in the bathroom like no other. Perfect for the colder nights when sitting in a hot bath tub just isn’t enough, a letterbox fireplace provides magnificent heat to a space. Situate it above the bathtub to keep you cosy during long soaks and relax by its alluring flames.

To really dress up the space, you can obscure part of the tub by opaque glass panels. The frosty look from the glass will create a secretive hideaway element and complete that deluxe look.  


7. Sunken Bath Tubs and Wood Panelling

There’s something about stepping into a sunken bathtub that promotes an extra sense of relaxation. Whilst the actual shape of the tub doesn’t differ too much from a regular tub, the fact that it’s actually sitting in the ground offers a much more intimate feeling.

Sunken bath tubs tend to be larger than regular tubs but even so, the size doesn’t jeopardise the space. Because it’s built under the ground you have more room to opt for a larger tub and still have that airy feeling of space in the bathroom. This is because the tub doesn’t hinder the rest of your décor and views. 

For an added appeal (and this can be used for regular bathtubs too) include wood panelling around the bath. This gives the bathing area a super cosy cabin feel and really makes you feel like you've stepped into a holiday resort.    


Author Bio
This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for Riverstone Builders - Perth’s finest luxury home builders– ideal for your dream home and your favourite luxurious bathroom designs. You can catch her on Google+.