6 Stunning Ways to Include Flowers in Your Home's Design

Jayde Ferguson

To really make a space your own, decorative objects and colour schemes are used to accent rooms and reflect your personality. You want to give the design a stamp of individuality, something that adds warmth to your home whilst staying true to your character and current lifestyle.

Flower arrangements are a great way to enhance a space and freshen up the vibe. You can be as classy, traditional, and simple or as bold as you dare, and use them as inspiration to develop your own colour scheme in the home. We check out the most stunning ideas to incorporate flowers in your home’s design.

1. Go for the Real Deal

There’s something pretty spectacular about the affect fresh flowers have on a space. Not only do they smell fantastic but real blooms are constantly changing and evolving as they grow, so they’re always adding a unique touch to your home. According to Andrew Loader, Managing Director at Andrew Loader Design you simply cannot beat the real thing. “Flower designs play a big part in our schemes and we encourage our clients to keep their homes looking fresh with bowls of flowers arranged in a design that’s simple”.  

Real flowers whether cut freshly from you garden or purchased, add a lively look to the atmosphere.  It gives a sense that the room is alive without requiring a huge amount of time and effort to prepare. ­Fresh flower arrangements can be created to complement and enhance any style and theme.

2. Add Flower Power with Wallpaper

There is a time and place for decorating with blooms that aren’t real though. “For something more permanent, I really love the look of contemporary floral designs on wallpaper in small rooms, like a guest power room”, says Loader.

Floral wallpaper can be romantic, classy or vintage and is an easy way to brighten up a dull looking space.  I’m not talking about the old-fashioned flower and vine patterns you’re probably associating with your grandmother’s walls, but flower wallpaper that is ‘hot’. Typically, this is wallpaper that features single, decorative flowers with large blooms. The detail is intricate in the petals and leaves, the colours are vivid and the design is bold and unique. If you’re going to use flower wallpaper, choose a room that has solid plain colours and surfaces. This way, the bolder flower patterns will be complemented without the space looking too loud or cluttered. Alternatively, create an accent wall with colourful flower wallpaper and neutral colours for a Scandinavian style design. 

If you’re not up for a wallpaper change, then consider using floral designed wall stickers. Wall stickers come in a huge variety of styles and are super easy to create. If you change your mind or want the freedom to try new things each season, wall stickers are a cost-effective alternative that allows for this.

3. Flowery Floors

You can turn your living space into a personalised field of flowers with a brightly designed area rug. Again, this is ideal for homeowners looking for something a little more permanent. “I really like the impact of a bold floral motif on a large scale rug in the living room”, agrees Loader. It can be a simple way to transform a space and really alters the dynamics in the room.

Draw one or two colours from the flower rug and combine them into a simple colour scheme for the living room. This will work beautifully too if the space is open-plan living as you can continue the theme through the entryway. Avoid an overabundance of patterns by creatively mixing floral designs with white or soft beige accents to create the perfect colour balance.


4. Create Romance in the Bedroom

It’s no secret that roses are associated with romance so using them in the bedroom can definitely set the mood. Flowers create a really decorative tone so if you want to spice up the room, choose ones that are tender and less bold. Some other great examples are tulips, orchids, lilies and peonies to name a few. Combine arrangements with pear blossom branches or display in a vase for simplicity. If you want to do something a little quirkier, you can combine flower arrangements with items you love, for example an old vintage typewriter can be the perfect backdrop for a brightly coloured arrangement.

A romantic floral touch can also be added to the bedroom through bed linen, throw rugs or cushions, curtains and the bed head. In most cases you can use the flower designs as the rooms’ focal point, and work the rest of the colour scheme around it to complement. 


5. Floral Furniture and Accessories

If your furniture is looking a little outdated, a good way to refresh it is with a floral touch. It can be as simple as adding floral cushions to the couches and armchairs, or as daring as investing in a piece that’s been upholstered in a brightly bloom design. “Profile a single accent chair in a bold floral pattern” recommends Loader. If you’re opting for simple, black and white decorating ideas will balance vibrant colours from the flowers and create a classy feel to the space, for example; a white couch with bright red floral cushions can be the perfect touch.


Flower accessories can be in the form of using fresh arrangements as a centerpiece for a room or injecting some individual floral accessories. A dining table can be spruced up with a flower printed tablecloth and a simple arrangement in the middle or accent a room through artwork. “Bring blossoms into a room through large scale canvas artworks”, agrees Loader. “Then you can draw inspiration from the artwork for the colour scheme of the space.”


6. Backsplash Blooms and Wreathed Wall Tiles

The bathroom and kitchen provide ideal opportunities to incorporate flower designs. With a modern bathroom design, wall tiles with vibrant red poppies can look incredibly striking. This works seamlessly in a small space and can be created into a unique feature wall too.

In the kitchen, consider adding a modern or vintage flower design for the backsplash. If you keep it simple, you can flow the colours and design from the kitchen to the dining area too for a consistent appeal.


Author Bio

This article is written by Jayde Ferguson, who writes for A Touch of Class – Perth based florists with a difference, sourcing only the freshest flower arrangements daily with delivery 6 days a week. You can catch her on Google+.