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    Hot Property Makeovers

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    Hot Property Makeovers

    Presentation. Promotion. Profit.

    Hot Property Makeovers have created a powerful new way of preparing your home for Sale. By combining traditional Home Staging Services with an Analytical, Research-Based Approach we have produced a 5 Step Pre-sale Consulting System that has been proven to increase Sales Prices by up to 10%.

    We make strategic investments into your property that will pay for themselves 10 times over at closing.

    Through careful preparation, we can:

    • Turn your Property into the Hot Property that gets Buyers excited
    • Reduce the time Your Property spends on the Market
    • Increase the Return on Your Most Valuable Asset up to 10% from original professional Valuations

    …every time!

    How is this possible?

    Over years and years of successfully helping investors and agents create better returns from property (Sales as well as Rentals), we have adapted and perfected a process generally known as…

    Val•ue En•gi•neer•ing (noun)

    • A systematic method to improve the worth of goods.
    • An effective technique for reducing costs, increasing return, and improving quality

    We arrived at a 5 Step Process which we now implement every time with every client, for one simple reason – it works!

    How does it actually work?

    To sell a property quickly and for the best price, we must use strategy and science, not guesswork. We created a plan that consistently delivers results that clients and agents alike can rely upon.

    The 5 STEPS To Selling Faster And For More

    Step 1: 
Develop A Buyer Profile

Step 2: 

Identify High ROI Investment Opportunities

 On Site

    Step 3: 

Make Value-Adding Improvements


Step 4: 

Organize! Showcase! Stage!

    Step 5: Create A High-Impact Advertising Presence

    To learn more about our 5 Step Process contact us today!