Why Hobart?

allan faint

Seem to often have a few comments from interstaters regarding Hobarts and tasmanias weather, lack of things to do etc, so will try a bit of a comeback.

Hobart is smallest capital city in the country, so if you need to get into the city from the outer suburbs it should take you no more than 30 mins. There will be no toll roads and minimal waiting for a carpark, though watch those parking inspectors they will get you for $35 or more, if you overstay your welcome. (did you know Tasmania was the first palce in the country to have parking inspectors). It is a capital city with a small town feel and one of the most beautifull cities in the country.

All of the major residential areas are also within half an hour of either the bush areas or the seas. Mountain or water views are the norm. This helps with the fact that those of us who have left the major cities, have forgotten how bad many of the capital cities smell and we dont miss being able to go out for a jog in the car fumes.

Weather is fairly benign, minimum can get down to 0 occaisionaly in the winter and sometime up to low 30s in the summer, we do get some rain in the state but did you know Hobart is the second dryest capital city in the country behind Adelaide. The state does seem to have almost unlimited water from our many large rivers, will be really handy when the rest of the country runs out. We have seasons, often a few in one day.

Tasmania had the first Greens party in the country and yes at times some of the supporters get a bit carried away with the matted hair thing and what ever it is they use for deoderant but aside from all of that, they have helped keep this states forest and wilderness area.

Hobart house prices are some of the best in the country, three bedroom home within 10 kms of the CBD can be found often for less than $250,000 upwards. Rental returns are also reasonable. So means we will often have some cash left in our pockets after paying for our home loans and petrol.

Tourism has been a positive growth area for the past few years, even during the winter occupancy rates in Hobart are often near the 70 - 80% and higher.

Hobarts main issue I think is a lack of population growth and this needs to change. Where Sydney will have an increase in growth of 500,000 people in the next 3 years, Tasmania population is expected to stay about the same. More people will increase demand, increasing business and encorage the possible relocation of more businesses boosting the ecconomy. We are also one of the few states who could afford the growth, as available water becomes of greater importance.

Running kids around after scholl is also easier. I often have to pick up my daughters from school and drop them off at athletics then afterwards take them to netball. Traveling between a few suburbs, all taking trips of 10 or 15 minutes and end up home by 6.30 pm.

Yes the girls will eventualy want to leave the nest, probably going interstate. They would possibly do that if we lived in any of the mainland capitals but at least I have been able to be with them while they are growing up rather than stuck in the traffic trying to get home before their bed time.