Get Into Life--make it Matter

Peter Wheaton

Life has a way of dealing some real curve ball, especially when you least expect it or need it.

  • when you are short of money..things break down
  • when you need to attend an event you have been working don't earn enough money
  • when you are given a break something
  • just when you get ahead...something brings you back to the fold

Life is a Positive and Negative game.   Wouldn't it be great to be able to hold the positive even when you are in the negative mode.

After be more successful at something,

  • you need to do more 
  • make more mistakes
  • take more chances
  • get outside your comfort zone
  • challenge yourself
  • sacrifice something

Get Into Life is all about these points above.  You have one life to enjoy so go and enjoy it.  

I came to Townsville 6 years ago for a twelve month seachange to repair a torn back muscle.  It has taken me 4 years to get used to being around people, living in a unit and working inside.  My back ground was running shearing teams, fencing contracts in Outback Australia.  I loved it out there, but the Industry was dying and I needed to make a radicle change.

It was radicle, going from 100000 acres to living in a 297m2 Unit.  I had the sea view and people have marvelled at how lucky i am to have that view.  But in my mind for many years, was that I live in an over priced dog house, looking at a lake of water you can't drink.

2014 was a year of major challenges and by the end of November, I decided to finish the year and start 2015 in December.  I decided to not live the daily struggle of family, friends and work and accept that this is life.

Two things have come from this change.

  1. I still have struggles..but I accept them better with the emotional outbursts
  2. I concentrate on what has to happen, rather than what did happen

It has completely change the way I live life and it gives me the chances to bring my business to a greater level of awareness and great actions.

Get Into Life is about making everyday count and being grateful to the little things.

Get Into Life and --Make it Matter.