Why people drink Alcohol and its effects

Paul Daley
Alcohol is an intoxicating agent in fermented drinks produced by the fermentation of sugar or starch. While consumption of alcohol within the accepted threshold is okay, it is important to note that alcohol is a drug; it is very easy to become addicted and harder to quit.

Why do people drink?

People will always try to make excuses as to why they drink or how they started drinking. Listed below are some of the excuses people make.

• I am shy and nervous around people, alcohol helps me beat that: As true as this may sound the bottom line is you cannot become bold unless you are drunk.
• Drinking makes me happy: Interesting. What happens when the drink leaves your system?
• I only drink beer, not liquor: They are all the same as you can become drunk.
• I drink because of peer pressure: Trying to be cool? Well real friends will respect your decisions.

Alcohol consumption in itself is not bad as people drink for various reasons: health, relaxation, socialization with friends, etc., the underlying factor is heavy consumption and its consequences.

Alcohol testing:

Over-drinking of alcohol comes with its consequences, health and social. Health-related consequences include slurred speech, drowsiness, headaches, impaired judgment, anemia and blackouts. On a long-term there may be alcohol poisoning, liver disease, nerve damage, permanent damage to the brain, and loss of productivity on the job, unintentional accidents, repeated assault and domestic violence.

With a long list of possible effects of over consumption, one can see that alcohol abuse is a menace that needs to be curbed. The road users, company workers, and in some cases students need to be evaluated and okayed fit and free from alcohol abuse.

How the is alcohol detected?

Alcohol in the human body can be detected using any of the following drug testing methods which are mentioned below:

• Blood alcohol testing
Saliva drug testing
• Breath testing
• Urine testing
• Hair Testing

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