Super Transportable Homes & Cabins - Relocatable Houses & Resort Cabins

John Linkon

  Park cabins – we have provided cabins to the vacationer industry for many years.  Our cabins are used Australia wide and feature fresh and state-of-the-art models.

  Look at the family members resorts that offer a unique living experience for the alders. Gran cabins or more compact resorts for your ageing close relatives can be developed to fit on your property and offer all the convenience needed.

   All of our houses are developed specifically to your objectives. We use fibers concrete bathing room surfaces for safety and ease of maintenance, raked roofs, and the finest quality shows and PVC border on cabinetwork.

  Our cooking areas are efficient with everything you need developed to be right at your convenience. Customers feature that our cooking areas are very eye-catching and highly flexible.


We offer wide range of

- Transportable Homes: Modular Homes, Kit Homes, Eco Relocatable Homes, Manufactured Homes, 1 to 4 Bedrooms Residential Homes & more
- Transportable Cabins: Park Cabins, Granny Cabins, Resort Cabins, Prefab Cabins & more

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