How to use company annual reports as a proficient marketing tool?

Troy Woods

Annual reports usually build over a particular theme or concept.These reports are much more than just records to fulfill the regulatory requirements. They are, in fact, one of the most efficient ways of communicating your achievements and future plans, in addition to specifying the relevant fiscal details of the previous year.

Annual reports should be seen as a crucial component of your company’s huge marketing strategy. Therefore, while preparing an annual report, one must remember the following key concepts:

  • These documents are an extension of your organization. Those studying these reports are sure to draw conclusions from the same, about your company performance. Therefore, a well-drafted, clear and precise report will be a representation of your business enterprise.


  • Sate your aims and visions in a coherent manner. From the introduction, to presenting the activities held during the year,and to the appreciation notes to the stakeholders -one must be consistent over expressing theirvision all through the report.


  • Marketing does not only involve communicating who you are, but what you have actually done. Listing out how were youable to achievethe business objectives in the past year, helps your organization promote itself as one that backs up its vision with action. In short, a can-do organization.


  • Having a statement of purpose is also a very significant marketing tool. This will be an explanation of your company’s vision in the future.It helps you present yourself as an outgoing organization with an eye for the future.


  • Stating your activities and programs should also be an integral part for the success of your annual company report. Showing your achievements and how you were able to achieve the same, are both very vital parts to include in your report.


  • Analyzing the annual reports of some listed companies, we observe that case studies are a clear demonstration of a transparent outcome of your work. Moreover, case studiesgive a more human touch to your business policy, planning and philosophy.


  • Another critical marketing tool would be including the names of donors, sponsors, board and committee members. Adding these lists of supporter names will add a sense of legality to your company and its activities.


  • You may even include any media dealings (if you have) of your work throughout the year. Including all this will show your business as one whose activities are worthy of a big news, and would thus help in the further marketing of your company to existing shareholders.

Building your annual reports keeping the above-mentioned tips in mind will successfully help you showcase your company as worthy of the investors’ support, trust and respect.