Partner Program

About Housenet

Housenet is a neighbourhood social networking site that connects residents with news, events, and other neighbours. It’s a valuable resource for local communities. People who own or run small businesses are an important part of suburb life, and so are welcome on Housenet to join in the local conversation.

Housenet is a neighbourhood social networking site that connects residents online, and provides a powerful new publishing platform for people and organisations to reach their local community.

Individual members who join Housenet can:

  • Meet neighbours online
  • publish local news and opinion
  • share suburb tips, recommendations and crime alerts
  • promote local events such garage sales
  • post lost and found notices for dogs and pets

Our mission is to ‘bring back the neighbourhood’. Housenet is about using technology to build stronger, more connected communities and to provide a voice for local people to promote and discuss important neighbourhood issues.

Partnering with Housenet

Community organisations and government agencies such as local councils, police, neighbourhood centres, fire and emergency services, are invited to partner with Housenet and participate in the online conversation directly with residents.

Approved partners can create an organisation account (including a Housenet page for the entity), which can then publish and disseminate relevant news, updates and information directly to residents and local businesses in the target suburb(s).

How can Housenet help your organisation?

Housenet groups and connects members by suburb location. Importantly, the platform includes residents and local businesses. Therefore organisations who partner with Housenet may communicate directly with the full spectrum of stakeholders who comprise each local suburban community, not just residents.

Benefits your organisation may enjoy:

  • higher profile for your news amongst local audiences
  • more awareness of your programs and objectives
  • better attendance at your events
  • enhanced engagement with locals
  • stronger stakeholder relationships

If your organisation would like to register an ‘expression of interest’ for our partnership program, please contact us.