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Facebook for neighbours to help councils

Australian Local Government Association News - February 28, 2014

A new social networking app that connects residents online is now available to councils seeking cost savings and better communication with rate payers. is a locally developed technology that aims to reduce calls on social service programs by connecting all residents with each other and with council. Read more suggests ‘love thy neighbour’ in anti-Valentine’s Day campaign

mUmBRELLA - February 14, 2014, a social networking site for residents and neighbourhood communities, has launched an anti-Valentine’s campaign protesting at the “exclusive” nature of the day.

The site has set up a Facebook page and is using the hashtag #AntiValentines2014 to allow those unlucky in love, or those not interested in romance, to have a place to vent their feelings in an effort to promote the use of the site and app which connects residents in the same suburb. Read more

Housenet: A 'Hookup' App For People Who Hate Valentine's Day

Lifehacker | Australia - February 11, 2014

Housenet is a social networking app designed to introduce local residents to each other for platonic fun. According to the creators, it’s also a great way to arrange a non-romantic play date on Valentine’s Day with like-minded neighbours.

“For better or worse, Valentine’s is our only ‘day of love’ each year so it should be inclusive and something we can all enjoy”, the app’s founder Darren Moffatt explains. Read more

The war on strata law: Are apartment owners the housing market's ‘second-class citizens’?

Property Observer - November 16, 2013

With the release of proposed strata title law reforms in NSW, it’s a question that needs to be asked. This new legislation, if passed, will for the first time enable a majority of lot owners in a strata scheme to force their neighbours to sell against their will.

Are we seeing the beginning of the strata law wars - where neighbours can now force you from your home unit? Read more

Strata law wars: Why neighbours can now force you from your home unit

Open Forum - November 16, 2013

The NSW Government is reforming its strata and community scheme laws. Darren Moffatt from Housenet hopes that the new laws will be fair for all lot owners.

Are apartment and unit owners the new ‘second-class citizens’ of the Australian housing market? Read more

Housenet: The neighbourhood social network

Shoe String - September 24, 2013

Many of us have lived in the same neighbourhood for years without speaking a single word outside ‘hello’ to our neighbours. Startup Housenet is here to intervene! This new social network connects residents from the same suburb who are free to discuss all that’s happening around the area. On the site each suburb has a private page that acts as a virtual bulletin board where residents can post about community events, lost and found items, crime alerts, and general recommendations.

Housenet is more than just a social tool for connecting residents with no prior relationship or commonality other than where they live. Co-Founder Darren Moffatt says once a suburb gets a decent quantum of users, it will become “a newsfeed for locals, by locals.” The business is set to disrupt the local newspaper industry with ‘the secret sauce’ of user-generated content. Read more

Six essential steps for investing in property with success: Housenet's Darren Moffat

Property Observer - August 13, 2013

Darren Moffatt, founder and chief executive of, is a property and social media enthusiast. He has prepared six steps to successfully invest in property.

So you want to build a real estate empire. Nice, ambition is good. But how to property invest and where to start? Read more

New tool to link agents to consumers

Real Estate Business Online - June 13, 2013

Agents can now connect with locals in their area at the click of a mouse, thanks to a new feature recently unveiled by award-winning social media site for property

Using the tool, Connect Local, agents can search for and engage with residents, consumers and investors in their postcode without having any prior relationship.Read more

Broker's site wins top accolade

Broker News - June 12, 2013

Australian real estate social networking site,, has been named one of Australia's 100 most innovative products or services in Anthill Magazine's SMART 100 Index.

Moffatt says Housenet aims to be the 'base station' site for homeowners, investors, residents and first home buyers. Read more

Women's-only real estate group launches on

Property Observer - March 21, 2013

A women's-only real estate group, 'Women in Real Estate' has been launched on real estate and property social network

While Housenet itself is open to both genders, this group is made private and applicants need to be approved before becoming a member. Read more

New online platform to improve strata communication

Residential Property Manager - March 1, 2013

Social networking site for real estate and property has launched a custom online platform for unit complexes in the hope it will transform how people living in strata complexes interact with each other.

Strata Pages will allow managers or owners to create micro-social networks for their buildings and have access to private document libraries, polls and discussion forums. Read more Launches Strata Pages

Business2 - March 1, 2013 has recently launched a section on their real estate social network that caters specific for Body Corporates and Strata Communities.

I think this is a great concept and the Housenet brand is an excellent medium to operate such a service. All too often owner occupiers and in particular investment property owners have very little knowledge in relation to the issues surrounding their body corporate and apartment building. Read more

Female agents band together via online forum

Real Estate Business Online - February 25, 2013

A new women's-only online forum has emerged after its founders claimed there was a need for a forum in what remains a male-dominated industry.

The group, Women in Real Estate, is run by several prominent industry women including Sydney agent Claudine Gibson, property investment specialist Jane Slack-Smith, and Lisa Goodwin from Smart Tours Property Videos. Read more

Social website seeks agent feedback

Real Estate Business Online - January 30, 2013

Agents are being asked to contribute fresh ideas about how a website that centralises social media for industry professionals can improve., a social network for local property that launched late last year, said it hopes to use the power of crowdsourcing to uncover and confirm ideas for new features on the site. Read more

Property start-up Housenet throws its website to the crowd

Startup Smart - January 22, 2013

A Sydney-based online real estate start-up has taken an unusual approach to website development by crowdsourcing ideas from the public over the functionality and concept of its offering., which launched in September, bills itself as the only social media network for property in Australia. Read more ranking well in Google for agent profiles

Business2 - December 17, 2012, the new social media site for real estate, is producing excellent search engine rankings for their member's profile.

Housenet CEO Darren Moffatt, is surprised at just how good the search results for member profiles are performing at this early stage. Read more

Website boosts agent profiles, Google rank

Real Estate Business Online - December 14, 2012

A recently launched social media site for real estate is helping some agents achieve high rankings on Google search results, the company has said.

"After we launched and lots of agents began joining, we noticed some profile pages were appearing on page one for a Google search of the member's name," Housenet CEO Darren Moffatt said. Read more

Housenet: A Social Network for Real Estate

Property Portal Watch - November 29, 2012

With over a billion users around the globe, it's safe to say that everyone knows Facebook (almost everyone), and how it can help individuals find long lost friends, relatives, work associates or businesses to connect with.

Now, a new social network has been rolled out in Australia,, one which has focused specifically on the real estate market. Read more

Mortgage brokers are not washing machine salesmen: Darren Moffatt

Property Observer - November 26, 2012

Confession time: I'm a big fan of Jessica Irvine.

I've read her stuff for years in the SMH and Fairfax and have almost always found myself nodding furiously in agreement. I love her brand of accessible, econo-political insight. It's rare for an economist to effectively deconstruct big issues for the masses, and rarer still to offer common sense solutions. That she regularly does both, is a real testament to her talent and value as a writer. Read more

Facebook for property-obsessed Aussies - November 22, 2012

A NEW real estate platform offers home buyers, sellers and renters a free alternative to paid property listing sites.

Housenet enables users to create a profile, advertise property for rent or sale, discuss issues in forums, create events, write blogs and 'follow' real estate agents. Read more

'Facebook for real estate' launches to tackle 'undemocratic' property listings market

Mumbrella - November 21, 2012

A new social media platform for property and real estate has launched in Australia.

Called, the 'Facebook for real estate' platform is the brainchild of Darren Moffatt, who says his new venture offers a way around Australia's "undemocratic" online property listings market. Read more

Housenet brings social network to property industry

Financial Review - November 2, 2012

Finance industry professional Darren Moffatt has established a social network that brings together home sellers, buyers and other property professionals, hoping to change the way houses are sold and marketed.

The former Westpac bank manager and founder of mortgage broker Seniors First launched a new site, Housenet, in August. He believed traditional social media channels were unsuitable for marketing property. He also felt the major advertising portals like and were not interactive enough for consumers. Read more

'Facebook' for housing market launched by mortgage broker Darren Moffatt

Smart Company - October 16, 2012

Finance broker Darren Moffatt has launched a beta-version of his social networking property site

Moffatt says his aim is to get 20,000 members signed onto by January. He said the estate agent response has been strong, but consumers and investors are now the fastest-growing sector of the user base. Read more

Property Observer article

October 15, 2012

Finance broker Darren Moffatt has launched a beta-version of his social networking property site

The website bills itself as Facebook and Twitter for the property industry and is aimed at linking property owners, vendors and estate agents in an online community. Read more

Shoestring post

October 5, 2012

A new social media site dedicated to property is poised to deliver Australians more transparency in the housing market, and much needed help with managing property online, according to its founders. is a social networking site developed by award-winning industry figure, Darren Moffatt & web developer Ben Carew. According to Mr Moffatt, niche social networks such as Housenet are the way of the future because they offer real solutions to specific problems. Read more

Salad Social post

September 26, 2012

A revolutionary, much-needed social network for real estate and property, Housenet is poised to become a household name in Australia as soon as it exits beta mode. We chat to the Sydney-based founder/CEO Darren Moffatt about his journey.

Hi Darren – first up, do you mind telling us a little about yourself and your role at Housenet? Read more

Sold Magazine article

September 19, 2012

A new social media site dedicated to property is poised to deliver agents much needed help with online marketing and social media management, according to its founders. is a social networking site developed by award-winning mortgage industry figure Darren Moffatt and web developer Ben Carew. According to Mr Moffatt, niche social networks such as Housenet are the way of the future because they offer real solutions to industry-specific problems. Read more

Australian Broker Online article

September 17, 2012

Seniors First managing director Darren Moffatt has launched a dedicated real estate social media network, that will aim to link brokers and other professionals with their customers online.

Housenet, the new social media site, is dedicated to property and the founders promise to deliver mortgage brokers much needed help with online marketing and social media management. Read more

Real Estate Business Online article

September 6, 2012

An online platform that allows real estate professionals to manage their social media through one property-focused service has been launched.

"Try and imagine a Facebook adapted just for the local property market, and you're getting close to Housenet," said founder Darren Moffatt, who developed the site in conjunction with web developer Ben Carew. Read more

Electric Avenue and post

August 31, 2012

There's a brand new player in the Australian Online Property Market and finally it's not just another FREE Property Portal, this site is very different because it has combined the thirst for property related information with the technologies and functionalities used to connect and converse through Social Media, to create 'HouseNet – The Social Network for Real Estate & Property.' Read more

Electric Avenue Interview

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