Local Business

Housenet is a neighbourhood social networking site that connects residents with news, events, and other neighbours. It’s a valuable resource for local communities. People who own or run small businesses are an important part of suburb life, and so are welcome on Housenet to join in the local conversation.

What can my business do on Housenet?

When you first join Housenet as a local business person, you will be granted a FREE Business Basic membership that includes:

  • FREE listing in the Housenet business directory
  • Connect with local residents & businesses
  • Create a page for your business
  • Advertise to neighbours (additional cost)
  • Start & join online groups
  • Promote your events

Local area marketing made simple

Housenet gives you good local business people a clear advantage in local area marketing: residents who join your suburb will connect with your conversation and content. So it's in your interests to promote Housenet in your neighbourhood!

We've included designs & templates you can use below. And here are some ways other members are promoting Housenet:

  • DL letter box drops
  • Flyers or DLs in client welcome packs
  • Distribute DLs or postcards at local cafes, community centres
  • Handouts at markets, fetes & other community events

Benefits of Upgrading To Business PRO

For just $49 per month, business members seeking more customer enquiry & higher online visibility can upgrade to Business PRO:

  • Priority search results for your profile
  • Access to Neighbour Forums
  • Publish local news
  • Your content ‘Featured’
  • Sell in classifieds

What do I do now?

When you join as an individual, you'll be automatically connected with local residents already on the site. Once you create a business page, posts to that page may then be seen these same connections.

So, here are your next steps:

  • Create your free Housenet profile in your personal name
  • Create a Housenet Page for your business
  • Invite friends, clients & colleagues to join the site and 'like' your page.
  • Join the conversation and have fun!

TIP: The content you post as a member may not be seen by all members in your suburb. Advertising on Housenet is the quick, easy way to ensure your message is seen by ALL of your target market, all of the time. See our advertising opportunities to learn more.

A note to Real Estate Agents

If you are a real estate agent and intend to list property on Housenet, please read the following tips and guidelines:

  • We recommend you create an account in your personal name. Those wanting to promote businesses should 'Create a Page' to create a page optimised for this purpose
  • When you signup, choose 'real estate agent' under 'how do I fit in this neighbourhood'.
  • In 'Edit Profile Picture' you can add your agency logo. This will then display automatically in Classifieds whenever you list property.
  • Any contact phone number or Twitter address you enter in your profile will also display automatically in your listings and beside any blog posts you create.

Housenet 'Vital Stats' for Business

Perhaps one of the more unique business features on Housenet are our 'Vital Stats' charts. Business members can create dynamic charts and graphs that display important business performance data. This is a great way to demonstrate your special area of expertise, and attract more of the business you want. Upon completion of the data entry page, the 'Vital Stats' charts will display in your profile page. However you are also easily able to copy the code and embed the charts into any web page, including your own site.

For example the code below, when embedded, produces the charts underneath.

<iframe src="http://www.housenet.com.au/chart/iframe/user_5/width_800/height_600/" width="800" height="700" > </iframe>